Three of the great cities of the world are opening up again and now is a good time to go



If you’re like much of the current generation, you’ve structured your life in a way that allows you to travel. Many millennials rank the ability to travel over most other life priorities, hitting the roads and skies near-constantly as they trek around the globe.


If that same wanderlust is hitting you once again, you might be ready to hit the road and travel across Europe. Taking some time to travel in Europe is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.


If you’re going to make the trek over to the historic continent, where do you need to make sure you visit? What should you do? Read on and we’ll walk you through the details.



Paris, France


If you have a European vacation on the horizon, your mind is probably speeding towards one obvious place to go: Paris, France. Is visiting Paris during your vacation abroad too much of a cliche? A tourist move?


Nonsense. A trip to the famed and deeply romantic city should be on any person’s bucket list. To experience the city is something everyone should try to do once in their lifetimes.


Choosing what to do and how much time to spend there is a whole other matter. You could spend weeks in Paris and barely scratch the surface of the experience — how you best want to manage your time is up to your own sense of preference and desire.



Amsterdam, Netherlands


Who doesn’t dream about visiting Amsterdam? The iconic city in the Netherlands is one of the most oft-visited places in the world and for good reason.


It’s a place of rich history and culture, known just as much for legal weed as it is stunning architecture and eye-dropping vistas.


There are many ways to visit this grand land and soak in the history, food, and general environment. An unusual way that might be worth considering? You can take a two-week viking grand tour from Budapest to Amsterdam, charting your way across Europe, finishing in a cathartic sense with this amazing city.



Barcelona, Spain


Any trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt into Spain’s most famous city, one of the best cities in the entire world.


Barcelona is easy to explore on foot if you choose to make use of the stunning public transport system. That being said, it might be worth renting a car just to explore into the mountains that surround the area on your own.


If you’re looking for culture, you don’t have to look further: the city is full of museums, artists, clubs, and hours of entertainment.



Best Places to Travel in Europe


If you’re looking to cruise through your next vacation in style, you’ll need to get your itinerary in order. The places listed above are some of the best to travel in Europe to. They can make your next European vacation a smash hit.