These are some glorious choices



When you think of the best places to travel in Europe, what comes to mind? Paris? Rome? Amsterdam? All brilliant locations to choose but there’s so much more to Europe than what meets the eye. That’s great news in 2021: statistics suggest almost half (43%) of travelers are looking for less crowded destinations. We’re not quite sure why the majority of people want to go to more crowded places…


Here are five superb places to visit that are not the usual choices.




Lyon, France


Paris is one of the most touted tourist destinations in Europe. About 32 million individuals travel there each year. In contrast, only about 6 million people visit Lyon, France. Which is a staggering shame! If you’re looking for hidden gems in Europe, then this is one. In Lyon, you’ll find a riverfront city full of quiet cafes, and perhaps the best food in France! There’s also plenty of shopping, too. You’ll experience exquisite medieval architecture, surrounding awesome countryside and wine country, and the nearby French Alps.




The Hague Netherlands

The Hague, a blend of old and new



The Hague, The Netherlands


Do you identify as politically progressive? If so, visit The Hague! This city is well-known for its dedication to social justice and friendly locals, and its War Crimes Tribunals. What’s more fun than a War Crime Tribunal? Not much! And not only does the city have a golden beach, but chic clubs, too. They pride themselves on having some of the best vegetarian cafes. If you’re looking for a laid-back destination, this is where to go. It’s not Amsterdam, but it has its own unique charm and history and, as long as you’re not a war criminal — you’re not, right? — then you should have a great time.



Northern Ireland


For spectacular scenery, experience the breathtaking views in Northern Ireland, which has a gorgeous coastline, but also beautiful forest parks. Even better, you can enjoy these views while participating in some of your favorite hobbies, like hiking, camping, or golf. Take a look at this golf trip if you’re interested in golfing with a majestic view!


And Belfast, after decades of conflict, has emerged as one of Europe’s most fun and vibrant cities.



The Ore Mountains, Saxony


If you are passionate about Christmas, you’ll love this quaint, Christmas-themed town in Saxony, in the Ore mountains. Here you’ll find the magic of winter around every corner. You’ll also get to experience some mining traditions first-hand — probably a first, right? Have you ever gone to a concert in an underground cave before? Well as soon as live performing is back, this is something to check out!



Frankfurt, Germany


Are you a history buff or into a city with an abundant nightlife? If so, check out Frankfurt. It’s not just a big airport, or annual book festival…


Here, you’ll find plenty of museums to view one-of-a-kind Renaissance art, top-quality restaurants, and parks. And, when they are back, you can experience some wonderful outdoor summer festivals. There’s plenty of shopping and nighttime activities, too. Zeil street is considered one of the prime shopping areas in Germany.


These interesting places to travel in Europe aren’t the top-trending destinations. Which is  a plus on so many levels! But, despite their lack of hype, they’re sure to provide all the excitement you’re looking for. And in the age of the pandemic, it might be a wise to choose one of these locations compared to more touristy, crowded places.