Learn why you should book an Africa vacation now



Africa is extraordinary, and the birthplace of humanity. Nearly 63 million tourists visited the continent in 2016, spendng more than $36 billion throughout the continent.


If you want to visit a panopoly of remarkable countries and cultures, and immerse yourself in natural splendor, you should go to Africa.


How can you figure out where to go in Africa? What are some major destinations if you are looking for the raw beauty and drama of the world’s most exciting topography? Well, we’ll give you some good leads!







Africa Has Wildlife Like No Other Place


Cape Town in South Africa is home to thousands of African penguins. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park contains thousands of mountain gorillas. Most people don’t, of the top of their heads, know that…


Go on a safari. Or go on multiple ones, better yet, in different parts of the continent. Visit companies like African Safari Experts that can plan the most amazing adventures for you.


When you’re not looking at the animals, you can look at the land. Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the most dramatic and sought after mountains to climb in the world, is a dormant volcano that you can climb yourself.


Victoria Falls in South Africa is spectacular, and the largest waterfalls on the planet. You can watch the powerful streams of water create graceful rainbows extending down the rock face.





Africa’s History Is Incredible


Many people know about the history, especially the last century or so, of South Africa. You can visit Robben Island, the infamous prison during apartheid, where Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years. Africa vacations can help you learn all sorts of stories. You can meet the San people in Botswana. They are one of the oldest cultures in the world, living in small communities that prioritize family and leisure.


If you want a more modern taste of Africa,  visit Wakaliwood. It is a film studio in Uganda, where you can see action movies being made.





Traveling to Africa Is Its Own Adventure


Many airliners serve metropolitan areas throughout Africa. Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways infuse African culture into their services, especially for first-class passengers.


But you aren’t limited to airplanes. You can also go there on a cruise. Some companies offer lessons on African culture as you take in incredible ocean views.




Why You Should Book an Africa Vacation


You can achieve a lot in an Africa vacation. You can find animals you won’t see in your local zoo and trek through Rwandan forests for gorillas. Mount Kilimanjaro shows spectacular landscapes while Victoria Falls surpasses Niagara with its cascades.


And talk to as many people along the way as you can, and learn about the awe inspiring history of Africa.