Traveling can have a huge impact on you emotionally. And, you know, a Pina Colada on a beach doesn’t hurt



Only 37% of Americans have a valid and unexpired passport, astonishingly — but at least that’s up from 10% at the end of the nineties. So  a significant portion of the population isn’t traveling outside of the country. That’s a world of missed opportunities and experiences that could broaden horizons and improve well-being.


Traveling can have a huge impact on your mental wellness. But sometimes people get into ruts and forget how good it feels to get out of town and recreate. So consider what traveling does for you!



Stress Reduction


It’s no secret that going on vacation can reduce stress and bring relaxation. Stepping away from your everyday routine and taking a break from responsibilities can have a profoundly restorative effect. This kind of rebooting can leave you feeling rested and recharged and feeling more able to tackle tasks when you return. Although don’t be in a hurry to get back to tasks!



Improved Outlook


Even the simple act of planning for a trip can increase your mood exponentially. Having something to look forward to can give you a boost and improve your mental health. The sense of anticipation prior to the trip coupled with the experience of the trip itself can be powerful and have long-lasting benefits.



Better Health and Mental Wellness


If you are ready to prioritize your health, consider going to a wellness retreat. Whether you want your focus to be self-care, nutrition, fitness, or finding relief from anxiety, these health-focused destinations are the perfect place to jumpstart your commitment to healthy living. And that you should bring home with you!



Fostering Creativity


A resting mind is a creative one when it has the time and space to play. Traveling enables the brain to take a break from everyday tasks and the mundane. Engaging with new cultures, new activities, and new sights can stimulate the creative center in your head. You could almost write it off as a business expense (if you’re in a creativite business…)



Transformation and Guidance


If you are looking for a traveling guide, find your community in places like You can join other like-minded individuals in sharing experiences and information that could help put you on the path to a better state of mind and even health.



Total Recall


The good news is you can draw upon these memories in times of stress! Or look at photos if your memory is crap. (Or, er, start the cycle again and go back on vacation!)

Also, if you found certain practices on your trips that improved your well-being, try to implement them at home. Whatever you did that made you feel better, incorporating it into your routine can prolong the happiness you felt on vacation. And, well, the Pina Coladas at your local bar probbaly aren’t that bad.