Nobody likes mosquitoes… This is how to enjoy a bite-free vacation



Mosquitoes carry a multitude of different diseases and illnesses. Plus, they’re annoying to deal with. They are the ultimate unwanted irritants at home, but especially when you are on vacation.


So here’s how to ward off the little bastards!





Use Unscented Soaps and Lotions


Avoid using any perfumed soaps, lotions, or deodorants while you’re on holiday. Strong scents attract mosquitoes, and other nuisances, making them more likely to bite you.


To keep off a mosquito’s radar, use unscented hygiene products for the duration of your vacation.





Get Some Mosquito Repellant Gear


A good vacation is full of relaxing naps. However, when you’re attacked by mosquitoes the entire time, it’s impossible to enjoy one. Indulge in high-quality mosquito gear before you head out for your trip. A mosquito repellent hammock, for instance, is the perfect tool to ensure naps are bug-free and tranquil. And something as simple and easily available as Off! or other good bug sprays. They work. Mosquitoes go elsewhere…


If you’re staying somewhere particularly rife with mosquitoes, like the tropics, secure a strong mosquito net around your bed and over the windows.





Keep a Fan Nearby


Since mosquitoes are such small bugs, a gust of wind is enough to blow them off course. Have a fan near you at all times to blow them away from you and your family. Perhaps over to the folks next door who are pissing you off? Bonus!


A low setting is enough to deter the mosquitoes from getting to you as their tiny wings aren’t strong enough to fight against the air current. Whenever the mosquitoes get out of hand, turn on the fan and enjoy a bug-free evening. (That’s the plan anyway, works better with multiple fans, FYI.)





Always Use a Bug Spray


High-quality bug sprays are a great asset for anyone who plans to spend time outside. This is even more vital  during dawn and dusk, since that’s when mosquitoes are most active. Before you head out, spray repellant onto your body and clothes.


Taking a vacation is a great way to live a happier life. The way to make it even better is to ensure you have a mosquito-free time  that leaves you refreshed and invigorated. And, further on the plus side, you’ll return home without worrying about contracting mosquito-borne illnesses. (If you are going somewhere that is known to be a malaria risk, get a malaria shot. It only takes one virus-carrying mosquito to get through your defenses to infect you. The shot is a must for travel to some countries.)


When you next go on a trip, use this advice to stop those mosquitoes from ruining your fun.