If you’re planning travel to New York City, check out our suggestions to ensure a premium hotel experience you’ll never forget.



Hotels are abundant in New York City. As the most visited city in the country, New York has plenty of incredible hotels to stay at.


But you aren’t traveling all this way to stay at a cheap, boring hotel in some random neighborhood. You are traveling to New York in order to stay at a premium hotel, centrally located to all the great nightlife, food, drinks, and shopping that New York City has to offer.


That means that you have to know what to look for when shopping around for different NYC hotels online. When it comes to staying in the Big Apple, not all hotels are created equal.


Wondering how to find the best NYC hotels, and what to see in NYC while you’re in town? Keep reading to find out how.



Choose the Right Part of Town


New York City is big. With so many different neighborhoods and boroughs, it can be tough to choose which part of the city to stay in.


However, choosing an NYC luxury hotel starts with choosing a neighborhood. Here are the top areas to consider.



Midtown Manhattan


While New York City is huge and has much to explore, Manhattan is the ideal destination for most visitors to the city. That’s because this district is home to all the famous NYC attractions that tourists are longing to see.


Is Times Square on your bucket list? What about the Grand Central Station, in use for over a century? Other famous attractions include Madison Square Garden, the New York Public Library, and the Rockefeller Center.


Because this portion of the city is the most visited, it means that the number of hotels available at different price points abounds more than anywhere else in NYC.


If classic sightseeing is the goal of your trip, finding a top-quality hotel in Midtown is your goal. Check out to see the best hotel deals in the area.





Brooklyn, otherwise known as Williamsburg by the locals, is a hip neighborhood with a long history. While once overrun by gangs, Brooklyn is now a neighborhood overrun by slick coffee bars, breweries and bars, and plenty of rooftop lounges and beer gardens.


If dinner, drinks, and late-night views over the city sound good to you, Brooklyn is a good place to book a hotel. Looking to spend the daylight hours soaking up the sun? You can find premium hotels with rooftop pools in Brooklyn, soaking up the views of the city while working on your tan.


Brooklyn is still close enough to Manhattan that you can easily access many of the touristy sights. But in Brooklyn, you’ll find lower hotel rates and a thriving hipster scene.





Want to experience one of the country’s most famous African American neighborhoods? Harlem is rich in culture, with lively street life and a delicious food scene.


If enjoying a good cocktail at a late-night jazz bar is your idea of a good time, Harlem is the place to be. It’s here that you’ll also find the Apollo Theater, famous for the many musical talents who have performed here over the years including the Jackson 5.


Multiple luxury hotels are available in Harlem, which is just as good, though much cheaper, than in many parts of the city.



Meatpacking District


Do you plan on spending the majority of your trip to NYC at late-night bars, rubbing shoulders with icons in the fashion and arts scene? Then the tiny Meatpacking District is probably where you’ll want to stay.


The Meatpacking District is a small neighborhood tucked between Chelsea and Greenwich Village, giving you access to all the good things these neighborhoods have to offer.


It’s the many warehouses that have been turned into clubs, art galleries and studios that attract celebrities and partygoers alike. The hotels in this neighborhood don’t skimp on anything, making it easy to choose a luxury lodging option here.



East Village


Looking for an all-around good experience? East Village offers many of the cities best nightclubs, bars, and restaurants all in one neighborhood. You’ll find plenty of places to spend time around here, including karaoke bars as well as barcades, since arcade games aren’t just for kids.


The central location and affordability of this area make it a great place to stay if you aren’t picky and just want to have fun.



Upper West Side


Looking to visit NYC with your family, but still want to stay in luxury? The Upper West Side is the most family-friendly neighborhood to visit.


While more expensive than many areas in NYC, this neighborhood has a lot to offer. It’s located near Central Park, one of the cities main attractions. There are also plenty of museums and other funs things to do with kids of all ages.


Make sure to take a walking tour to see all f the famous brownstones, which are historical townhomes that you’ve likely seen in movies and TV shows for decades.



Choosing a Premium Hotel


In any neighborhood you choose, there are going to be dozens and dozens of hotel options. Because the city attracts wealthy people from around the globe, there are many luxury hotels available at the top of the price range.


If you’d like to have a world-class experience, with a chance of seeing someone famous, staying at one of these top-quality hotels will provide an amazing experience.


If you don’t quite have the money to stay at the most luxurious hotels, there are still many affordable options that still balance luxury with budget. With these middle ground hotels, you’ll get the amenities you need in a convenient location, with just enough elegance to make you feel like royalty, even though you aren’t breaking the bank.


With so many premium hotels to choose from, it’s really a matter of choosing a neighborhood and the hotel will come naturally.



Make Your Hotel Count


Lodging in NYC is expensive. Since you are going to be paying a pretty penny regardless, it makes sense to choose the best premium hotel for the money. Sure, you are going to spend most of your time away from your hotel room anyway.


After a night spent lounging with fashion designers and artists, you’ll want a comfortable, stylish place to lay your head.