The Ferrocarril Atlantico Cocktail named in honor of all those who built the Ferrocarril Atlantico (Atlantic Railroad) in Costa Rica in the 1800s



Erick is the insanely talented bartender at the Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa, and provides, clearly, even more reasons to never leave. Seriously, what are you going back to? Family? Bring them to you. Work? WFH, baby. Or retire.


“Ever since I was a child I was interested in gastronomy and always dreamed of becoming a chef,” Erick says. “I started my career as a server and found great pleasure in providing exceptional service and experiences for diners.. Along the way I fell in love with wine, and studied to become a sommelier without knowing that it would also lead me to develop the ability to master spirits and develop unique cocktails.” 


The Lord works in mysterious — and wonderful — ways.




Ferrocarril Atlantico cocktail



The drink


The Ferrocarril Atlantico


I came up with this drink because I really wanted to create a cocktail that used Monkey Shoulder Whiskey and told a fascinating  story linked to its flavors and qualities. The Ferrocarril Atlantico (Atlantic Railroad) was built in Costa Rica in the 1800’s, and was a project that arose from the need to find a more efficient and cheaper way to bring coffee to port. Prior to the railroad, coffee made its way to Costa Rica from Europe by ship and took almost 6 months to arrive! The use of the railroad allowed it to be transported in only 6 weeks. The railroad also propelled the emergence of the banana cultivation in the country, and to this day bananas are the main agricultural export of Costa Rica.


Inspired by the banana as a base ingredient paired with Whisky and a Shrub in a highball, this exquisite cocktail was born and named Ferrocarril Atlántico in honor of all the people who built the future of Costa Rica. It’s my interpretation of a highball that has been morphed into a cocktail through unique ingredients such as Banana Shrub that give it a delicate, unctuous and elegant flavor.


All of its ingredients pair perfectly to create flavors that tantalize the senses through its smokey and spicy notes, while still providing a refreshing cocktail immersed in history. The cherry on top is the unique banana shrub pairing. 


What’s key? Being patient with mastering the perfect Banana Shrub!





45 ml of Monkey Shoulder Whisky

45 ml Banana Shrub (ingredients and preparation included below) 

45 ml Ginger Ale 

15 ml Aloe Vera 

15 ml Orange Juice 

1 Rosemary sprig and 1 orange to garnish. 





Pour all ingredients into a shaker and firmly shake for 30-45 seconds. Pour into a smoked glass over ice and garnish with Rosemary and orange. 


To make the Banana Shrub you’ll need 10 ripe bananas, 1 Orange sliced, 2 sprigs of thyme, 240 ml red wine, 300 grams of brown sugar, 240 ml rice wine vinegar, and 120 ml apple vinegar. In a bowl macerate the bananas with the oranges and thyme, then add the brown sugar and mix well, add the red wine. Seal with plastic wrap or a glass container with a lid and refrigerate for 7 days, during this time all the ingredients will evolve and mix. After 7 days we take the mixture and refresh it adding the mixture of apple vinegar and rice wine, stir well and take it back to refrigeration for 7 more days. After this time it will be strained, yielding a fruit and vinegar syrup known as Shrub, with a complex and aromatic flavor perfect for pairing with whiskey.