The Painkiller 23 is another variation on the immensely popular,
warm-weather ubiquitous Painkiller



Katie is a wizard of a bartender at Orlando World Center Marriott, at the enigmatic sounding Fall’s Pool Bar.  Her take on the godly Painkiller is called Painkiller 23, after the rum she chose. “The drink I concocted uses Ron Zacapa 23-year rum,” she explains. 


Her inspiration was simple: she loves Painkillers and the lesser known, more premium rum she uses. 


Her bartending career started in 2005 when she joined the Orlando World Center Marriott. Prior to that “I had absolutely no bar experience and I’ve taught myself through online classes and just listening to my fellow coworkers who teach me something new every day,” she says. “I love making cocktails and playing around with local ingredients and seeing it all come together.” 



The Painkiller 23 photo




The drink


The Painkiller 23


I build the drink using a pina colada base then add ice on top. In a mixing tin I combine 1.5 oz of Ron Zacapa 23-year rum, 2-3 dashes of walnut bitters, .25 oz of banana liqueur and 1 part pineapple juice, shake ingredients and pour over ice.


I wanted to make a fun pool drink for the pool bar and make it look interesting with layers. It’s appealing to the eye and a fun way to enjoy Ron Zacapa as opposed to just drinking it over ice. Most places you go to use Bacardi or Captain Morgan. I love Ron Zacapa. I wanted to switch it up and go more premium and unique, and people who try it end up loving Ron Zacapa!” 






1 ½ oz Ron Zacapa 23

Two Dashes Walnut Bitters

½ Banana Liqueur

½ Pineapple Juice






Pour a small layer of frozen Pina Colada mix on the base of your glass, add above ingredients into a bar tin, shake and strain over ice. Garnish with a pineapple and cherry.