Melbourne: The Top 10 Places to See 

Melbourne is a beautiful city and often overlooked in all the fuss made about Sydney. Mistake…




There are so many great places to visit in Melbourne. It’s known as the cultural capital of Australia, and the reasons why are clear to see. It’s  home to world-class galleries, beautiful gardens, museums, and unbelievable nature reserves. There’s an abundance of wonderful things to do in Melbourne.


It also has a vibrant culinary scene, with a phenomenal range of international influences, particularly Asian. Among the best restaurants are Red Spice Road, The Grand Hotel in Richmond, The Lake House, in Daylesford, outside the city, and Thai eatery and bar Chin Chin. But the best, and worth the trip to Melbourne alone, is IGNI, Aaron Turner’s culinary and now legendary masterpiece in Geelong, on the outskirts of the city, across the bay. If you can get in, get in.




The Royal Botanic Gardens


Positioned on the city’s edge, the Royal Botanic Gardens is home to more than 8,500 plant species. And their beautiful lawns and shimmering lakes make it the perfect day for your family, or just you and whoever you are with, if you don’t have a family.



National Gallery of Victoria


There are two venues at the National Gallery of Victoria, the NGV International and NGV Australia. Both venues are home to some of the world’s most breathtaking artwork. A perfect day for art lovers.



Brunswick Street


If you like quirky, you’ll love Brunswick Stress. Filled with vintage clothing stores, trendy bike shops, and hairdressers, Brunswick is the perfect trippy place.



Queen Victoria Markets


If trying the local delicacies is your thing, head to the Queen Victoria Markets. Packed full of market stalls and popular Cafes, you will love soaking up the market atmosphere, and trying awesome foods and drinks.



Melbourne Zoo


You haven’t seen a zoo quite like Melbourne Zoo. When visiting, you’ll be surrounded by local animals and some more unique species living in their natural settings.



Federation Square


If you’re looking to experience atmospheres you’ve never felt before, you’ll love Federation Square. It has become the city’s most popular gathering point. Excellentfor whiling away hours people watching.



Eureka Tower


Right in the middle of Melbourne, you’ll find the tallest observation deck in the city. If you are not afraid of heights and want to experience beautiful panoramic views of Melbourne, go up the Eureka Tower.



The Royal Exhibition Building


If you are looking to delve into the history of Melbourne, check out the Royal Exhibition Building. Filled with beautiful galleries and stunning furnishings and a great example of period architecture. You’ll have a day to remember.


We recommend getting private tours in Melbourne to get the full experience and knowledge of the site and surrounding area.





The vibrant Chinatown has an array of exquisite restaurants, karaoke bars, and duty-free stores. Chinatown is one of the top tourist attractions in Melbourne, and a wonderful culinary rabbit hole…



Captain Cook’s Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens


Visit the cottage of legendary English explorer Captain James Cook. His quaint cottage was brought to Melbourne from Cook’s native home in Yorkshire, England, and gives a fantastic insight into his life.