All You Need to Know About Airport Bag Rules

What you’re allowed to bring in your travel bag, and not….



Airlines and the TSA have a lot of restrictions about what you can bring with you. Here’s what to know before you head to the airport.



Checked or Carry On


There are certain travel limitations for carry-on versus checked. You can generally check more items than you can carry on. You can check liquids and things like scissors, considered too dangerous to carry on. You still can’t go through TSA with most liquids, but you can buy drinks after going through security to have on the plane.



Number of bags


Depending on the airline, you’ll run into different limitations for luggage size, weight, and the amount you can bring. Some airlines still offer a free checked back — glorious dinosaurs! — but most will charge for anything checked. A personal bag and carry-on are often the only ones that don’t cost money, but even that depends on the airline and kind of ticket you purchase.


Aside from packing light to keep your bags within the weight limits, you need bags that help you pack efficiently. Using a multifaceted bag like a Backie Packie can help reduce the number of bags you take. Travel duffel bags are a great option for carry-on because they are more flexible when fitting in the overhead cabin.



Protect Your Bags


To go through TSA points, you can still use a lock on your luggage, you just have to make sure it’s approved for TSA use. Certain locks can be accessed by TSA agents and keep your luggage locked to anyone else.



Check Your Airline


Check what your airline allows. Many general rules about what you can and can’t bring through security will be the same in different airports, but the dimensions and number of bags will change, depending on your ticket and airline. Confused yet?


Before your trip, pack your travel bag with the TSA in mind. Your checked bag shouldn’t be over 50 pounds, your carry-on should fit in overhead compartments, and your personal item below the seat in front of you. Double-check what you can bring, and if you think it might not be allowed, you’re probably right.