By now, Ricky Ian Gordon is, like, the WONDERLUST Poet Laureate… 


Here are his most recent poems for us “Keys”, “Antonioni”, and “The Sand Hill Cranes”.


This one is a homage to the immortal French director Robert Bresson.






The Author Martirene Alcantara


(With thanks to Albert Camus)


A pair of shoes. 

The brisk ascent

Up the stairs

Of a hurried shuffle, 

And clip clop.

The terrace doors 

Wide open,

Still swing.

The shoes

Rush outside.

A silk scarf 

Floats indifferently 

On a breeze,

While below,

Face down, 

On the sidewalk,

Blood seeps

From the head

Of an unidentified woman.

Hushed onlookers 






On a crowded train

A fleet hand 

Enters the pocket

Of a stranger

Removing its contents.




A crisp bill, counterfeit,

Enters the hands,

Of a student with debt,

Causing catastrophe.




An outcast girl,

As if playing,

Deliberately rolls herself 

Down a hillside,

Splashes into a river,

And drowns.




A prisoner 

Scratches himself 

Out of a jail-cell

With the stem

Of a broken spoon,

And shimmies 

Down the wall

With sheets 

He has braided.




A country priest, 

Blighted by

Stomach cancer,

Sustains himself 

On bread

And water,


Into the darkness.



A Knight’s armor




Joan’s pyre

Still smokes.




The Bateau Mouche

Lights the Seine

Like a behemoth.




A man, but barely, 

Unable to make peace

With the felled trees,

The flock in the abattoir,

The battered baby seal,

The festering air,

Or the poisoned water,

Pays a friend

Needing money

For drugs,

To shoot him

In a cemetery. 




While a donkey, 

An ass

On a flowering hilltop,

Surrounded by sheep,


Then collapses 

From abuse 

And exhaustion 

In a grotesque parody

Of the crucifixion.