WFH is the revolution. Let’s stick with it



I know some folks who are migrating back to the office, and it’s puzzling since many of these jobs can be performed just as well — if not better — from home. 


I’m sure it’s a complete bummer for companies to have paid all this money for cool office spaces that are going unused, but since we won’t be completely sure about COVID-19 for perhaps many years to come — at least until we have a multi-years testing period — here are some polite reminders why it might be best to leave those who can work from home at home:




No (or less) office space saves money. Less air conditioning, heat, and general overhead saves money. (Duh!)


2  No commuting makes for happier employees, adds valuable minutes to their day, and puts them in a more workable state of mind. 


3  Care about the environment? Think of all the fuel emissions not destroying our lives right now.


4  Team-building nonsense is so ‘90s. No one needs fake bonding to be productive.


5  Zoom meetings, if done right, tend to be more to the point. Sorry pontificators!


6  People can hang with their dogs and that makes them happier.


7  And dogs across the universe are happier. (It’s all about dogs, as it should be.)


8  Speaking of the universe, you don’t need to hire from a local job pool. You actually can hire the best of the best from absolutely anywhere. 


No more supply closet. People can buy their own damn binder clips.


10  This stay-at-home period has reminded us all that lifestyle is pretty freaking important. Instead of consistently trying to pour coconut oil on a system that doesn’t work anymore, maybe it’s time we created a system that works for real people. Employees with a healthy lifestyle are clear-minded, super productive, and happy to work for you.


11  If you’re worried about consumerism, staying home isn’t cutting down on our spending at all. (Speaking for a friend. Also, that friend is me.)


12  Oh, yeah, and planning for the future: Gen Z won’t be interested in the traditional ways of doing things, and they’re your next workforce. Might be a good idea to get a WFH system perfected and ready for them. (Sing with me: I believe our children are our future…)


13  Happy employees will stay with you! HAPPY is the theme here.


14  And health. Has anyone heard of that new strain of pandemic horror they think they found??? Yeah…THAT.