Like you need a reason?



Flying in a private jet is one of the best ways to help your decrease stress. I mean, as long as you’re not paying for it. That’s the least stressful way to fly private!


Whether on a light aircraft for a short trip or a large jet, private flights have numerous benefits. And, if you charter a flight, you’ll benefit from speedier, more comfortable travel with easy access to excellent services. Furthermore, you can forget about long queues and tedious waiting times at the airport. In fact, you can usually forget about the airport — the big, crowded ones. You’ll mostly take off and land at small airports.


More airports across the country and around the world are accessible when chartering a jet. Many smaller planes can land in smaller airports that are unused by major airlines.





Save Time With Shorter Flights


Since private jets can often land at smaller airports nearer to your intended destination, in many cases, it means you can land closer to your target city or town. This will save you time and a lot of stress in going from one location to another. Feel better already, right?



You Get More Flexibility


Passengers often have more flexibility in terms of travel times. Flight schedules can be changed by airline personnel as needed to account for variables such as you being late (cough, cough — ahem)  or for more ease to get to a business appointment on time. Private jet crews leave according to your schedule, as long as the weather allows.



Excellent Service


People who travel by private aircraft benefit from excellent service while soaring above the clouds. Let that sink in. Pleasant, excellent service. On a plane! Your grandparents used to tell you stories about that, right?


There’s no need to wait for a flight attendant to be in the same zipcode as you and/or in the mood to serve you. Instead, they’ll be straight over whenever you need them! You can also expect luxury food, a car to pick you up, and much more as benefits of flying private.



Better Legroom


Standard flight travel generally entails being jammed into tiny seats with minimal legroom. Not to mention that you’ll also be in close contact with strangers for long periods. When flying by a private jet, this is not the case.


Seats on private airplanes are spacious and comfy, with some planes even having beds. Therefore you can arrive at your final destination without  back, neck, or leg pains you would get in the cramped conditions on most typical flights.



A Fantastic Safety Record


It’s reassuring to learn that private jets have a fantastic safety record. Choosing a private jet that provides superb fixed-base operator (FBO) services is a must as well. This way, you get high-quality services independently run in the airports you fly to and from. In a private jet, you’ll also be able to be reassured by well-trained pilots and mechanics. Plus, your plane will be checked and inspected to high standards.



Redundant Statement Alert: You’ll Love Flying in a Private Jet


If you can afford to charter a private jet, or hitch a ride on someone else’s charter, this is the stress free and most indulgent way to fly. And prices can be comparable to first class fares on the commercial airlines.