Word of advice? Go to Hawaii!



Despite its distance from the mainland USA — in fact, from anywhere: Hawaii is the most remote group of islands in the world — the 50th State is the third most popular vacation destination for Americans. This comes as no surprise considering the stunning beaches, rich culture, and wonderful places Hawaii has to offer.


But what do you need to know about vacationing in Hawaii?




1. Coronavirus


Well, it’s a factor, isn’t it? If you’re planning to do sightseeing in Hawaii, it’s important to be aware of the coronavirus situation. Check out the latest available information, as the islands recently had a disturbing surge, after a relatively calm period. And they get very serious about mitigation, so make sure you don’t have to quarantine upon arrival. Because they will enforce it.  Obviously, be mindful of where you’re coming from too, bacause if it’s from a problem area, they may not let you in.




2. Time of Year


So you want to hit the best surfing beaches during your vacation? Basically the weather is always beautiful, but there are certain spectacular periods of the year for surfing, particularly October through April. And the best island for surfing is Oahu. You’re welcome.


A surfing lesson will cost you around $75, by the way. For comparison, the average meal in a casuaul, fun restaurant could cost as little as $15 per person… By the way, if you are on Maui, you should eat at Hawaiin culinary legend Mark Elliman’s restaurants, side by side on the beach in Lahaina — Frida’s Mexican Beach House (trust us) and Honu, an exquisite fish eatery.


In the “Duh!” Department: the weather can be very changeable throughout the day and forecasts are often unpredictable. The busiest time to visit is during the various American school holiday seasons.




3. Where to Visit?


You can’t go wrong. There are various different regions and islands in Hawaii, each more beautiful than the last. It’s possible to island-hop during your trip, and also possible to just find one, find a spot on the beach/paradise, and stay there, until it;s time to eat/drink/make love/sleep.


There’s also the Disney Aulani resort which is great fun for families. For more information about their accommodation options and activities, view here.




4. How to Be Respectful


Wherever you travel on vacation, as a tourist you should always respect local customs. It is also polite to learn a few phrases of the local language – in this case, Hawaiian, although English is also spoken everywhere, and this is, after all, America.


Most people know ‘Aloha!’ for hello and goodbye, but it means a whole lot more. It’s actually a way of life and a belief system, of being good, sharing, and thinking of others. Also, in that vein, ‘mahalo’ is thank you.




5. Plan Where You’ll Stay


There are several different options for hotels in Hawaii, ranging from the most basic hostels to five-star, top lxury hotel resorts. And Airbnb runs the gamut. Book in as much advance as possible, as there is more demand than supply.