Cantal Bakker is transforming transport in the beautiful, ancient Moroccan city



When 24 year old Dutch traveler Cantal Bakker arrived in Marrakesh, she was struck by how much pollution vehicles were giving off in the choked, winding, thousand year old city. She also noticed that the residents coveted motorbikes, and felt that riding a simple bicycle was an inferior option because it showed that was all they could afford. Cantal came up with the idea of Pikala Bikes, and set about changing that perception, and is on a mission to convert more travelers around the city to the unmotorized, two wheel, pedaled mode of transport (which of course is prevalent in her native Holland). She also runs guided bike tours of Marrakesh, another idea she hopes takes off as a more sustainable way to see any city.



She’s very much onto something



This video shows this magnificent city as the locals see and love it, and a look inside Pikala.



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