It’s not Venice, but you can get some interesting water trips in the Windy City!




Are you visiting Chicago? Or perhaps you’ve lived here but have never taken advantage of boat tours in Chicago.


Well, here are four of the top boat tours in Chicago to consider next time you’re craving to see the city from the river’s perspective. You’ll marvel at the architecture and the often surprising history behind it.






River Cruise from the Chicago Architecture Foundation


The Chicago Architecture Foundation has a boat tour that lasts ninety minutes and details the architectural facts of over fifty buildings. You’ll be the life of every party after that!


Don’t worry about the weather! Here in the Windy CIty — which is actually the twelth windiest city in America, Boston is the windiest — The Chicago’s First Lady  has enclosed cabins with climate control, as well as an open-air deck on the top. Whether rain or shine—or, you know, wind—you’ll be able to enjoy your sojourn.




Chicago Architecture River Tour from Wendella


You have two options for tours with Wendella: forty-five minutes or one that is ninety minutes. You won’t be disappointed with either. And because these tours operate at different times in the day, you could take a boat tour in the middle of the day as part of your itinerary, or you could finish your day on a boat tour and enjoy the sunset.




The Urban Adventure Tour with Mercury Cruises


The live narration really seals the deal on this boat tour. You’ll experience sights and stories from the Chicago River’s perspective, as well as from Lake Michigan’s. This one is a great option for kids.


They also have a tour for adults-only too. This one is at night. So get excited to see the city illuminated from the water. Make it romantic or introspective: either way, it’s a great end a day touring Chicago!




See the Shoreline with Shoreline Sightseeing


If you are looking for a tour in Spanish, Shoreline Sightseeing offers one. They do tours in English too, of course. Step on board at Michigan Avenue and wind your way down the river. Over forty landmarks will be pointed out and explained to you. The first thing you’ll learn is that Chicago has forty landmarks…




Rent Your Own Yacht! Go on, just do it!


Nervous about keeping your distance from people due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Or want a private party (no questions, honest)? Then consider renting your own yacht to do your own customized Chicago boat trip. Adeline’s Sea Moose will give you the best river vehicle for your private tour.


For the best boat tours in Chicago, any one of these options would be great for you, your family, your partner, someone you just picked up the bar…