So long as companies in the business of flying are still shuttling passengers, it pays to know how to travel, even during these strange times. Travel is down well over 50% in 2020, so opportunities are particularly good now.


Knowing the right business travel tips can make life significantly better at the airport, and on the plane. Here are six simple suggestions that absolutely will help.




Don’t Skimp on TSA PreCheck


TSA PreCheck is a godsend if you want to spend more time working at the airport than standing in line. This program pre-screens you as a risk factor when flying and if you pass — i.e. you are not a risk factor — you waltz straight through airport security for a whopping five years.


No long lines, no body scanners, no headaches.


TSA PreCheck costs $85 to enroll in and you’ll have to have a clean record and meet other standards to qualify. You can learn more about the program here.




Be Willing to Wake up Early


There’s nothing worse than a flight cancellation making you miss an important meeting. Well, death is worse, but you now what we mean. Your best move is to grab an early flight. That way if your plane gets canceled, your airline will have options to get you on another plane. On the other hand, booking a red-eye flight may mean having to wait until the following morning to get to where you need to go.




Check-in 24 Hours Before


Some airlines won’t assign you a seat until you check-in for your flight. On overbooked flights, that can be a huge problem. And you can be bumped. Or get a crap seat! So get smart and check-in for your flight from home, as soon as you’re allowed to.




Keep a Physical Copy of Your Travel Documents


Today, airlines let us carry all of our important travel documents on our phones. That’s great but one of the most important tips we can give you is to have hard backup copies of your important documents on you. Be like a Boy Scout, and be prepared. You never know when your phone might die.




Carry It All On


Don’t pay for or deal with long lines for checked bags. Consolidate your luggage into a flexible carry-on bag and walk it straight through TSA pre-check. The ease of mobility will be well worth it. And the fools can’t lose luggage you don’t give them!




Keep an Eye Out for Upgrades


From seat upgrades to a private jet offering discount legs, you don’t know when a great opportunity might pop up at your airport. Keep an eye out for these perks by eyeing flight prices and upgrade rates closely. The closer you get to take off, the more aggressive many of these deals become.


Also, the smarter dressed you are when you check in, the more likely you are to be offered a free upgrade. There’s a vanity to business class — they like to make it look like it’s populated with businesspeople!