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There’s nary a tourist to be found at Akrogiali Taverna located in the seaside village of Perigiali. In fact, I didn’t see or hear even one.


A short drive from the ruins of ancient Corinth, this rustic outdoor taverna is where both locals and local swimmers dine at tables next to the lappingly clean waters of the Gulf of Corinth. Tables at Akrogiali Taverna are so near the water that you can eat your meal and simultaneously toss bread crumbs to the little fish a mere few feet away who will swim right over to be fed.


This is an image of a wine bottle at Akrogiali Taverna in Perigali, Greece.

***Helen Mitsios***

The unassuming family restaurant is probably the most authentic Greek cuisine you can find in this area of the Peloponnese — with a grandma-is-cooking-in-the-kitchen kind of deliciousness.


Greece has entered the global wine market with prizes and distinction for its excellent wines. For an introduction, try the popular Viognier Cuvee Larsinos 2020 — a dry white wine with notes of peach, mango and orange peel (and who cares that it’s a screw cap) — to accompany the perfect moussaka, fried potatoes, spanakopita…one could go on… baked bread (see we did go on) but, in short, all the splendid dishes that will appear on your table.


By the way, if you like slow food and slow living in Italy, then guess what? It’s even slower in Greece.