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Sometimes too many choices are awesome, but when it comes to gifting or self-gifting (is there a difference?), sometimes it’s nice to sweep aside pesky overchoice. Hence, this holiday season WONDERLUST is presenting two perfect travel gifts that, bien sur, can be used year-round. In case you’re wondering, this writer buys the items herself and isn’t affiliated or gifted or paid or anything else when you click on the links below. (And neither is WONDERLUST.)



EO Natural Deodorant Wipes


There’s something about long flights and subsequent travel grundgies that’s just so… darn unpleasant. The next best thing to popping into an airport lounge shower is the number one gift choice this holiday: EO Natural Deodorant Wipes in French Lavender or Tea Tree scent. The small wipes have just the right moisture saturation, non-cloying scent, no filmy afterwards and evaporate in mere seconds. Many a time I’ve pulled out a packet after a flight, a dance class abroad, or on a sweaty outdoor excursion like Herculaneum last July. French Lavender is a touch soapy-fresh but not perfumy, and Tea Tree shies on the side of subtle and definitely non-tingly, thank goodness. The mild yet potent scents are gender fluid. Buy a giftable box of 24 packets. Live a little and splurge on both scents.






Tempur-Pedic Travel Size Neck Pillow



Tempur=pedic travel size neck pillow




Ah, hotel pillows. One size fits all, right? Nope. There’s something about hotel pillows that brings out my inner Goldilocks. They’re too big or too small, too dense or too soft, too something – but just not right. I’ve spent nights searching my hotel room and folding and unfolding towels or rolling up a down jacket or balling up a sweater (I could go on) to approximate a comfortable pillow. If you’ve experienced sleepless nights shifting around on a pillow that’s rock hard and practically a foot tall or maybe a lumpy down substitute, this packable memory foam travel pillow is The Answer! Squish it into a zip-lock type compression bag and the pillow magically flattens to plump pancake depth. Oh, and I always slip the pillow into a silk travel pillowcase – check out Lilysilk.