Arnie Weissman is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro — so you don’t have to — to raise funds for Tourism Cares, a group you should know about

Tourism Cares is a wonderful non-profit organization that goes to areas ravaged by disasters, natural and otherwise, and in any way they can, helps them recover.


They’ve given physical assistance and money to dozens of places around the world, with the very focused aim of helping the local businesses and communities rebuild and get back to work. Because when tourism dries up in many of these areas, so does the region.


Our friend and contributor Arnie Weissman, whose day job is Editor in Chief of Travel Weekly, is a longtime and very active supporter of Tourism Cares, and at the beginning of this January is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and money for them. Here’s his appeal.


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The eagle has landed: Arnie and family made it to the top of the mountain on Saturday, Jan 11th. In the distance, guides standing in the only spot they could get cell reception… Photo provided by Wonderlust



I have often written about how purpose can add meaning to travel, and I’d like to take this concept to new heights, literally and figuratively.


On January 5, I’ll begin a journey to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. And I am hoping that with each step I take, I will be helping a travel business recover from a natural disaster; or assist a deserving student to begin a career in travel that s/he might not otherwise afford; or support a social enterprise that enriches travel experiences while providing local jobs and keeping traditions alive.


arnie weissman
Dash and Emma have landed in Tanzania and are ready to climb Photo provided by Wonderlust

Tourism Cares, the industry non-profit, does all this and more in support of the places and people who engage with travelers but who may, in times of duress, need a little help from their friends. I’ve been on the board of Tourism Cares for more than six years, and have seen first-hand how it has changed lives for the better. From Kathmandu after its devastating earthquakes to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Tourism Cares has helped businesses and people “build back better.”


With my daughter Emma, an associate editor at TravelAge West, and my son Dash, a student at Boston University, I’ll be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to call attention to Tourism Cares’ important work and raise funds so it can continue to help where help is needed most. A pledge from you can help keep our spirits high as we hike.


Whatever you can afford to pledge will be greatly appreciated by the people, places and enterprises that Tourism Cares supports. 100% of the money donated goes to Tourism Cares, and all donations are tax deductible.


We’ll be giving shoutouts to all who donate on TravelWeekly.com and TravelAgeWest.com, and on social media via Instagram (@Kili.Cares) and Twitter (@AWTravelWeekly), and let me begin the recognitions with a huge shoutout to Climb Sponsors Tusker Trail. Northstar Travel Group and Kenya Airways.


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