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Camilla Paul
A day at the beach Photo provided by Wonderlust

Who’s who  Camilla Paul, Managing Editor


Current location  Marseille, France, just moved here


Place I visit most  England


Favorite Destination  Marseille, France (mission accomplished!)


Dream Vacation  The Maldives


My suitcase is always  The brightest, ugliest color, and has a colorful ribbon tied to the handle so I can see it coming in baggage claim.










Dakine Hawaii Backpack 


This is my carry on and I use a backpack because I like having my hands free. It doesn’t have too many pockets so I am not tempted to put too much in it, yet it always holds the essentials: a change of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, headphones, spare pair of glasses and any jewelry (I like bracelets) I have decided to bring. And of course, my passport. $55 to $220





ASUS ZenBook UX305


This laptop is so thin (.48 inches) and sooooo much lighter (2.7 lbs) than other laptops. It looks like a Mac, priced like a PC. $700.00





Ray-Ban Sunglasses


I love these glasses. They’re light. Simple. Black $250 





Steve Madden Ponderosa Suede Boots


I have 35 (ish) pairs of boots, but these are just perfect – they look great with anything. It doesn’t matter where I am going or what the weather is like, these boots come too. $170





Sundance Long Silk Dress


My father used to say “I have five children, one of them is a girl. If you can spot her I will give you a medal” so just in case…This dress is just perfect for day or night, simply depends on the accessories, belt shoes etc. $158 – $398





Free People Long Silk Skirt


Same with this skirt, it’s perfect for day or night depending on the top, shoes and belt. $68 – $338





American Eagle Straight Jeans


So what if they only come in blue. How can you beat the price? $35, 



camilla paul



Gap Straight Jeans


They fit beautifully and come in all colors. $70, 



Gap T-shirts (above)


Long sleeves. Short sleeves. Tank tops. All colors. The Gap is the only place for T’s $20 – $55