You thought it was as easy as point and click. Oh, poor child!



If you’re ready to take to the great outdoors in 2021, you are not alone! I mean, I don’t expect you thought you were. But according to the latest figures, interest in outdoor camping in the US has surged to a record-high this year, as more and more people discover a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors. After being stuck in the not always great indoors.


Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or a first-time camper, the most important way to ensure a perfect trip is to have the correct gear. After your tent, arguably the most important piece of kit is the camping blankets. A good camper blanket only needs to be bought once. With the right blanket, you will have the perfect companion for all of your outdoor escapades (yeah, right, that too). Read on…





Weather is Crucial


When choosing a camping blanket, your first and foremost consideration should be the weather. According to the camping kit experts at BEARZ Outdoor, the climate you expect to camp in should be the main decider of the type of blanket you pick. Cold weather camping means a heavy down camping blanket is the best option. Meanwhile, desert camping in Utah means a warm camping blanket is less important than one that can reduce sweating and keep insects out.



What Material Should My Camping Blankets Be?


Ah, good question… Depends on your camping plans. A wool blanket is a good “standard” choice, as it will always keep you warm. However, wool blankets are heavy and can take hours or even days to dry out when wet. And they will get wet. You’re not having fun until everything  gets soaked. A polyester blanket is a good lightweight alternative. A plastic camping blanket can be best suited to emergency situations where you need to insulate yourself.



A Durable Camping Blanket


Ideally, you only need to buy one camping blanket and then not have to think about it again. That is why it is crucial to opt for high-quality blankets and be fully prepared to spend a little more money. A poor-quality, cheap blanket will not last long, nor will it deliver what you need when you need it the most. This will make you cry, possibly further wetting your blanket, a cruel and vicious circle. Do not cut corners when it comes to choosing a quality camping blanket.



Weight is an Important Consideration


It is important not to forget that you will actually be carrying your camping blanket for long stretches at a time. Unless you have someone to carry it for you, in which case you probably don’t need us for much. That’s why you need to ensure that your blanket is lightweight enough for you to carry with ease while also being thick enough to keep you warm and dry. Pick up different camping blankets in the store to get a good idea of the right weight for you. It should be easy to find a quality, lightweight blanket that suits your camping needs.



Find the Perfect Campsites in 2021


Finding the right camping blankets is one way to ensure a stress-free and memorable camping trip in 2021. The next step is to find the perfect destination. There are all kinds of camping, there’s close to home  and there’s Bali.  If you’re going to Bali, seriously, just bring a light blanket, like Linus’ comfort blanket…