Deep sea fishing charters can be amazing experiences, but how can you best prepare?



A deep sea fishing charter is a whole lot of fun and a fantastic experience for experienced anglers and complete beginners alike. Battling and landing a big fish, whether a several hundred pounds tuna (if you’re lucky) or a Great White (or, trust us, any shark) is a thrill and never easy.


To ensure you have the best possible experience when deep-sea fishing, here are a few things to help you prepare.




The Correct Gear


Clothing will depend on the weather, and when deep-sea fishing in, say, Florida, you can expect unforeseen weather changes.


Remember to pack rain gear and a windbreaker. You’ll want something to keep you dry from the sea spray even if it doesn’t rain. The Florida sun is brutal, so wear light clothing to keep you cool and a hat or cap to protect your face. And, yes, wear sunscreen. Polarized sunglasses are an absolute necessity for deep-sea fishing trips. Not just because they are cool — the lenses allow you to see the fish lurking below the surface!



First Aid and Seasickness Prep


Most charters will have a first aid kit onboard but it never hurts to bring your own with the basics. An absolute must for deep sea fishing for beginners is seasickness medication or pressure bracelets. Nothing is worse than setting off on the adventure and throwing up over the side and/or feeling nauseous the whole time (says someone who’s been there). Take seasickness tablets an hour or two before getting on the boat so that they kick in before the trip begins.



Snacks and Sunscreen


Much like a day at the beach, a deep-sea fishing trip is better with a couple of snacks and of course, a lot of water to keep you hydrated in the heat. Deep-sea fishing is physically demanding and you need to keep your energy levels up. Even if the charter supplies food, bring snacks just in case.  You’ll be out in the sun the entire day and in direct sunlight (and reflected off the water) when fishing. Hence the need for powerful sunscreen.



Be patient!


If this is your first trip and you’re not sure how to deep sea fish, the best preparation is a good attitude and tell yourself to be patient. Fishing is not usually instantly gratifying! You can have huge catches and get great fishes (and don’t miss out on the smaller ones too, they’re delicious, especially after a full, exhausting day of catching them). But you can get skunked too — even the most experienced anglers sometimes come back empty-handed.


The important thing is to enjoy the experience! Just being on the water is a beautiful day, And you will get a tan!


For newbies, check out Cape Canaveral fishing charters. They will take you through the whole process.