These are not the one-size-fits all (it never does) flimsy compression knee highs sold at airport kiosks to ward off thrombosis. Nor are they the sturdy greige stockings in grandma’s wardrobe. Compression stockings have been gloriously reborn. Cleverly rebranded. Now they’re performance gear! They’ve also been reincarnated into a painter’s palette of color and even groovy tie-dye option. 


juzoThe best I’ve found are Juzo Dynamic (Varin) thigh highs. I won’t get on a long flight or embark on an all-day travel walkathon without them. They hug your legs like the embrace of a gentle and determined (in a good way) lover. And the tie-dye version harkens back to your inner flower child, whether it’s a he, she, or them. The Juzo brand carries a variety of compression stockings, um, I mean performance gear. You can choose from knee high, thigh high–both footless and not, pantyhose and leggings. 


The Scando-boho chic of wearing your white athletic socks with Birkenstocks, is like, so over, man. The pink and black tie-dye version is where it’s at. This color-combo works surprisingly well with everything in a suitcase, from running shorts to jeans, to the little black dress. If you’re thinking no way, you solid and dependable dudes can always wear solid and dependable black.


NBA players and other pro athletes, who often wear compression sleeves as well, give grandma props for knowing best all along. If you’re a spec person, here’s my rigidly tested consumer report for performance gear: cheaper always means worse. Go straight for the 20-30 mmHG weight* and get the footless thigh highs. Your sandal toes will be happy. And I promise, they really do stay up. 


*Check with your doctor if you have certain health conditions.