Things I Can't Travel Without

Our editors reveal all…


Who’s who  Marla Martenson, WONDERLUST contributor, and matchmaker and author


Current location  Los Angeles


Place I visit most  My hometown, Seattle, I go about every eight weeks. Internationally, Mexico City every year or two



Favorite Destination  There are so many, but I’ll share my new favorite, an absolutely magical city, Budapest!


Dream Vacation  A trip through Ireland and Scotland to visit the castles


My suitcase is always  Easily accessible




For a woman, I travel extremely light. I just love gliding from destination to destination with a small carry on. I have the ability to mix and match just a few wrinkle-free items (usually all black) and two pairs of shoes. My husband, however, isn’t impressed. I’ll never forget looking at the photos after a three-week European trip, and him moaning, “you look the same in every picture!”




Virgin Mary statuette

I won’t say that I’m exactly afraid of flying, but in the back of my mind lurks the thought that the plane could go down. During each take off I grip my Virgin Mary, call in all my angels, including the big guns, and ask them to fly with us and protect the plane, pilots, crew and passengers.



Lavender & sandalwood essential oil


Several times during the flight, I rub some oil between my palms and breathe deeply. It keeps me calm and centered. Not to mention smelling good for my seatmate. You can purchase this online for less than $9.





Black Tourmaline to help neutralize electromagnetic energy from the airport’s x-ray machine. Malachite, which offers protection from all kinds of accidents and helps eliminate fears associated with flying, and clear quartz for my daily meditation. You can purchase these from a local metaphysical shop, or online.

Lip Balm


I pack at least three. I’ll panic if a tube is not accessible at all times. I love EOS Lip Balm, it’s 100% natural and paraben- and petrolatum-free.



Healthy Snack


I’m vegan, so I can’t risk airplane food. I always have a bag of nuts, dried fruit and an apple packed in my handbag. Anything you like, nuts, fruit etc…bring from home.



My red Parisian scarf


It keeps my neck warm but also adds a splash of color — against the all black wardrobe.





The best invention ever! Between Kindle, music, podcasts and every app imaginable, I have everything I need at my fingertips. And staying connected with my clients is a breeze.




My mobile credit card machine. I’m blessed to be able to work from anywhere, and as long as I have my iPhone and my Clover, I don’t miss a beat with my business.