These Boots (and Shoes) Are Made for Gawking

Our Favorite Kick-ass Shoes for Fall


This Fall is all about kicking-ass – starting with the shoe department. And it’s impossible to properly kick-ass without kick-ass shoes. Gone are the polite, apologetic stems with light laces and straps. Everything in for Fall 2017 says: “Nope! Not at all sorry!” and a hefty dose of “Get the [BLEEP] out of my way!” Flats and booties and heels with statement designs and are ready to take you to the best kind of cool-weather mischief. In a season known for renewal, isn’t it appropriate that you start from the place it counts the most – the bottom?







Lenox Loafer





As difficult as it is to pick a favorite from Coach’s fall line, we decided to start with the new Lenox Loafer, a stunning and high-end upgrade from the Love and Rockets era creepers of our 80s youth. But even if you’re newer to the world, you’ll still bask in the thrilling combination of comfort and quality, with a thoughtful upgrade of floral applique and button detail around the thick sole. (Um, they also have interchangeable shearling insoles, people!










Only Gucci could get away with this, and, as always, they’ve knocked our socks off. Of all the boots you’re eyeing for fall, these will win the prize for most uniquely designed, decorated and (trust us on this) versatile. Paired with a flowing skirt or long shorts, the look is defined by the length of your chosen garment, and these boots are always ready to serve. (Never to leave any stone unturned, don’t miss the golden bees on the back of the heels.) When you go Gucci, you truly go for it.





Compass Platform Lace-up Boots

John Fluevog




Go ahead and gawk. You know you want to. It’s Fluevog at its finest: the platform, the sleek silhouette, the bold front lace, the stitching detail. So rarely can a shoe designer capture the requirement of a high-end troublemaker quite like John Fluevog and the glorious muses that descend upon him. A sincere warning: Though we thoroughly approve of any and all Fluevog at the office, especially these requisite day-to-very-late-night 3” platforms, you might not get any work done, mesmerized by the seductive artistry of its lustful design.






Lori Leopard Calf Hair Mid-Calf Boot

Michael Kors




If you ask us, every woman should start the day pondering aloud: “What would Debbie Harry do?” While we have no honest idea whether or not she’d ever wear calf hair, she’s still and forever the image of the consummate glam punk we all want to be when we grow up. These boots, with their leopard print and pointy toe, can take any outfit from ordinary to “rapture” in the time it takes to side-zip. (And at a completely affordable price, you might want to consider getting two pairs.)





Darcy Floral Telkes

Dr. Martens




It’s the same silhouette you’ve known and loved, now with a super airy Lite sole. They kept the signature yellow stitching and heel loop, but added a feisty feminine floral pattern to create a durable, sneaker sensation that honors your desire for creature comfort. Think you recognize the pattern? That’s because it’s from their 90s archives, reinvented for your current modern space odyssey.





Leather Ankle Boots

& Other Stories




We won’t bother trying to convince you that short boots are all the rage for fall (which they kind of are) because if you think they ever go away in the first place, you have bigger issues. Further, there should be no end to your acquiring short boots, which can take you easily through any season (yes, even a cool summer). Point is, if you’re going to start somewhere for this upcoming autumn, we suggest starting with these snappy suede numbers, available in three colors, but we’re recommending the red for their statement “Stop!” signal. It’s up to you to decide if it’s in the name of love, or asking you to “collaborate and listen”.





Suede Pointed-Toe Pumps





You know that everlasting Coco Chanel statement, “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling”? Well, there lies your justification for buying these pumps. Aside from the obvious facts that they’re both sex and skilled architecture combined to form wearable modern art, black pumps are an eternal staple, and these—with their unapologetic juxtaposed pointy toe and just-under-4” covered chunk heel—just happen to be our new favorites.





Onthefringe Velvet Bootie

Stuart Weitzman




We love Stuart Weitzman for one reason and one reason only: absolutely everything. If you’re looking for a versatile bootie at the perfect heel height that only looks like you’ve suffered uncomfortably for fashion, call off the dogs. (You’ll thank us later – just look at the attention to detail here!) Though we do believe everyone requires these at-the-ready go-anywhere booties in all three colors, we’ve shown them here in scrumptious navy velvet.







Niki 105 Thigh-High Boot

Saint Laurent




And, for the win, the boot you’ve all been waiting for – the boot myths are made of. When we say metallics are all the rage for fall, we mean a $10,000 thigh-high with embroidered crystals, likely sewn in by vestal virgins. Truly, is there any other kind? It’s impossible to un-see this exquisite specimen of shoe-wear, one which we’re prepared to trade an internal organ for. (Oh, and please do note, recommends you order a half size up. We’re not sure if that sort of exchange is refundable.)