Moon Babe Blankets

Inspired by newfound motherhood, Theola Wong spent the pandemic building a sustainable company with a magical message



What did you do with the 2020 pandemic? Product designer Theola Wong had a baby and started a business—and not just any business, one with purpose and meaning. Based in Portland, Oregon, Moon Babe Blankets are modern keepsakes, gorgeous blankets crafted in recycled cotton with a luxurious hand feel. She set out to create a sustainable product with a stunning modern design. “I am on a new chapter of my life being a new mother and choosing to spend my time slowly, mindfully, at home to care for our family,” she tells us. “I’ve always been a maker of things, so this is how I spend the time now. Making things around the home, food, clothes, flower arrangements, and furniture with my husband who is a woodworker.” 


Each blanket is infused with good intentions through purposeful design. Whether its magic, protective power, or gratitude, Moon Babe Blankets flaunt their mystic, witchy wisdom. 


Who doesn’t want to wrap their baby in a little magic?


Our only complaint: They don’t make them for grown-ups. (Yet!)




Mother and child union: beautiful baby, beautiful blanket Photo provided by Wonderlust




How did having a baby inspire you?


Being a combination of ambitiously career oriented Concept Creative and Style Director at Nike, The North Face, Adidas, and generally free spirited — read: wild! — it was difficult to consider the right time to become a mother. But, when my 40s rolled around it was now or never, and my technically termed “geriatric pregnancy” took a while. So, when my boy finally arrived I could not be happier. I couldn’t wait to share him with the world when he arrived! But, the pandemic hit and the entire world shut down so that was now out of the question.


As a mother, all we want to do is protect and make good for our little ones, pandemic or not. In the haze of postpartum I would stare at my baby every morning, just taking him all in, and will to the Universe ‘Never let anything bad ever happen ever’. 


The mornings are so powerful to me, it’s when my mind is most clear and not yet bogged down with tasks for the day. You can really start your intention at this time and I felt I could do that every day for my baby and myself. I had a dream one night of making good magic and casting protective, positive spells for all the babes in the land and wrapping them up tightly in them. I woke up like…I can actually do that.


I had been making dolls as a way to time stamp the days so I wouldn’t lose myself in isolation. I was casually selling them on Instagram but turns out it is impossible to sew all day with a baby. I took the small amount of money I made off them and turned it into this.




Does your baby inspire your designs?


100%. I know this sounds so strange but I often see things in my sleep that I will execute in my professional life. So, when I had the dream about spell casting I already knew what the blankets were going to look like and what their purpose was before they were made.


Since I was very young my dreams have been very vivid, I can hear sounds or music I’ve never heard before or new ideas.








How have your travels influenced your artistic style?


Having travelled across the globe more than a few times, I am completely obsessed with night and day and the mystery of time change, sun up and sun down. There is an indescribable beauty of being up in the air, being as close to the cosmos as a regular person can be, watching the clouds and the light shift from dark to light or light to dark that you can’t really experience down on solid ground. It really gives you a sense of just how powerful our planet is. 


Our three main styles are offered in both “Day” and “Night” colorways in tribute and our “All Eyes” blanket artwork is based on the horizon of the sky under the sun and the moon.




What makes your blankets different and special from those on the market?


There is definitely no shortage of blankets in the world, but our blankets are made with true purpose from the beginning. It’s not just another object. They are meant to encourage mindfulness and connection between mother and child. All our blankets come wrapped with their story so the message isn’t lost upon delivery.


We use recycled cottons and polyesters from post-consumer textiles (a fancy way of saying old clothes). We use minimal recycled/recyclable packaging. 




Why was it important for you to have your blankets manufactured in the USA?


Given what’s happening in the world right now, I think it’s so important to put our customers’ money back into the local economy to help secure the future of business here in the states. We partner with a wonderful family-owned and operated mill, so we contribute to a genuine day’s work and an honest day’s wage for people to provide for themselves and their loved ones. And the fact we make our product in the USA means we have a lower carbon footprint than shipping something in from another country.




Your blankets are GORGEOUS and exceptionally high quality — how are they knit?


I went through a number of manufacturers, though there are sadly not many left in America, and work with some true experts of the craft. I wanted the weight to be heavy enough to feel like a hug, but safe enough for a child. I have had some feedback from customers that their toddlers have been sleeping better with our blankets and it’s not a surprise, as weighted blankets are known to help with anxiety. I don’t really call that out specifically because we aren’t technically “weighted” but it’s a nice added bonus.


I also wanted to make sure that these were knit tightly enough that they really are going to stand the test of time and, well, kid life. Both sturdy and soft, and very easy to care for — for mom’s sake! — as they can go right in the washer and dryer.


I still have my baby blanket, that was actually my older brother’s baby blanket, and I use it now as a lap blanket? My mother is genuinely thrilled about this. So honestly, they can stay useful and cared for for a very long time.




What does it mean for your blankets to be infused with witchy goodness?


I suppose it’s important to first discuss what modern-day witchery is, and to me that is a person who puts forth their intentions to make change and create power for themselves and their loved ones. Our blankets are a way to transfer mom’s energy and good juju onto the little ones and serve a reminder to keep nurturing positivity every day. Our big themes are Protection, Energy, and Gratitude. If we can amplify those things in a person’s life to create a positive impact, then magic has been done! 


You can purchase one of Theola’s exquisite blankets at


Theola doesn’t have plans for additional styles right now, because, she says “our model isn’t for newness as much as it is for longevity, but maybe full sizes at a later time!” 


And, FYI, Theola is offering free ground shipping for WONDERLUST readers. Use code WONDERLUST at checkout. We’re not participating in any sales, by the way.