Shiva Lingam, despertar en Nepal



Writer, photographer, filmmaker, world traveler and quite authentically a shaman, Pepe, as he prefers to be called, was born in Mexico, in Ciudad Victoria in the State of Tamaulipas and started writing poems at around the turn of the millennium. “In the case of Nepal, I wanted to share what my soul had learned, and by looking at the photos I took, my heart got connected to a wisdom inherent in the experience I personally lived,” he explains about this extraordinary poem, rendered as a video, voiced in Spanish with English subtitles.


Going to Nepal in April 2012 “was more a spiritual journey than tourism,” he says. He took his son, who had a “true awakening” and they stayed for 12 days. “Besides remembering the places we visited, it had the feeling of being there before, I was amazed by the wood carvings in temples and how that related to an ancient culture that gave form to what can’t be said, ancient history portrayed in volume, with rich symbolism as teachings of the way things were. Today we try to decipher the meanings in an effort to go back to the root.”


You can see more of his beautiful photography on his instagram account, arte_sulaiman_foto