The phenomenon of the Northern Lights is best seen, unsurprisingly, in these way north locations…



As you probably know, the mystery behind the Aurora Borealis is the way protons and electrons interact with our atmosphere. When protons and electrons come from the sun and hit Earth’s magnetic field, they create the most spectacular light show.


If you have always been interested in seeing the northern lights, these are the places to visit.


The dancing light in the sky with different colors and shades can take your breath away. You watch pink, green, and blue shimmer in the sky, while being awed by the wonderful nature around you. Since the best time of the year, and places, to see them are invariably cold, pack your thickest winter jacket for this excursion.






Norway is close enough to the pole that you can see all of the colors dancing in the sky. Tromso is a popular tourist city with, more terrestrially, excellent shopping, food and places to stay.


And if you are in Tromso, don’t miss the northern lights tour that they offer, to learn more about this natural phenomenon.






Viewing the northern lights in Iceland is fun and getting around is easy. There are many excellent roads —and that counts, trust us — to the many different beautiful spots to get a front row seat for the Universe’s light show.


Southern Iceland is the best place to head to, especially Skógafoss, where you can also see their amazing  waterfall!






Right here in America! Although, “right here” is relative if you don’t actually live in Alaska, which is closer to Europe and Asia than it is to Pennsylvania…


Fairbanks, Alaska is a great destination to see the Aurora Borealis. To increase your chances of seeing them, plan your trip for March.


Now, if you live in, or near, Colorado and want to find out more about the Northern Lights, the Discovery Center is a great place to visit. Science centers often have sections featuring the Aurora Borealis, especially in regions with a good view of them.






Another great location is in Rovaniemi, Finland.  And Finland is popular for all the winter activities, festivals, and extraordinary, dramatic sky views. The higher north you go, the greener and brighter the lights will be in Finland. Bonus: visit Rovaniemi during the holidays because it is known to be, ahem, the home of Santa Claus! Don’t stop believing…


Probably the most dramatic and luxurious place, and way, to experience the lights is at Kakslauttanen, in one of their special glass domed igloos, in Saariselka, Finland. This  was Number One item in our very first WONDERLUST 100, way, way back in the mists of time, a few years ago.


See, we know things…