Our Planet Is Melting



George Spedo Mirandola is 10 and a half years old (the half is very important!). He lives in Bath in England, he plays piano and has just joined a scout troop. He wrote the poem as an entry for the Blue Peter COP26 competition. (Blue Peter, a children’s program in the UK, and COP26, the 26th conference of the Conference of the Parties), which is scheduled for November of this year in Glasgow and will be attended by the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty that came into force in 1994.




Our planet is melting


Our planet is melting

It’s disappearing out of sight

Our trees are falling down

It just doesn’t seem right.

Animals losing their homes

And their habitats.

When I look around

The world looks grey and weak.

If we carry on like this

Our planet’s future looks sad and bleak.


Our ice creams are melting,

Just like the poles

If we don’t stop polluting

Our world will be dirty as a deep, muddy hole.

But if we get off the sofa,

Stop watching TV,

We could walk down to the beach

And start to clear up the poor, beaten sea.


Plastic is floating around the ocean

Just like gas clouds are around the sky,

And everything that I can see

Is a huge mass of stuff connected to wi-fi.

So, everyone has to stop this

Yes, even you!

So we can live together with nature

And stop the poles melting too!