But if you’re over 30, don’t worry about it.



In the ’90s, seeing a map of future North America from metaphysician and futurist Gordon Michael Scallion of the earth re-arranged, I was mesmerized.



On the map, Florida was underwater, and California was a series of islands only the high points remaining. The great lakes flooded south to the Gulf splitting the country in two, and a tsunami came up from the Gulf of Mexico, right over Houston landing twenty miles south of Austin, and Austin became the third coast. I’m sure they know this already in Austin as there are a few businesses named Third Coast something or other.



Who knows really, but we do know that in the 101 (DUMMIES GUIDE) on how not to abuse your mother we failed miserably. We’ve wrecked the planet through complete idle abandon, fostered by complete ignorance on one side and complete willful arrogance on the other. We’ve poked, prodded, sucked on her endlessly, irradiated her, poisoned her and blown her up. We made her too hot and polluted from incessant drilling and emissions, and we’ve killed each other, our nature, our animals, and a way of life as we knew it, in the process. The indigenous people in the rainforests are the only ones who have it together and we’re killing them too. As a species we’re horrible.



They have a helicopter on the case now too Photo provided by Wonderlust




So now we’re in a climate change crisis. Millions of people have lost their homes from flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, tornados, raging fire and man-made war. There are more refugees now than we have ever had on the planet. If people aren’t running from a climate caused issue, it’s a conflict issue, and if you’re lucky enough, you’re riding it out somewhere in between.



However, for some reason there’s not enough money to build shelters, water wells, solar powered villages…. Or camps. Yet there’s billions to go to war, or to space. Different budget. 



Or someone else’s budget.



So why would we go to Mars? It’s not through lack of space here on Earth. Anyone who has taken a long-distance flight has seen masses of empty land, countries almost full of empty land – The Americas, Canada, China, Australia, Russia. We haven’t outgrown the planet, but between our emissions, improper dumping of our material waste, greed, and egos we’ve just wrecked it. And it’s bloody sad. And now it’s too hot. We’ve had it coming for a while, from a faint whisper to an audible scream.



Mojave Crater on Mars, based on images taken by the (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Photo provided by Wonderlust



What do we do…? Go underground, build floating cities, or leave the planet? All come with their own unique set of issues.



If you don’t have a wealthy friend with an underground bunker facility, you can just duke it out, or try out the far-off orange dot, the next planet away from the sun, Mars. It’s cooler at least, logically. It’s only 314 million miles away, or a seven-month journey. The temperature’s marginally cooler than earths today, and the light is like Canada in winter.



I talked to astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin about it. He’s been passionate about colonizing Mars for a few years now. He logically suggests going via the moon, in cycling pathways, he calls it. That would at least cut the trip up nicely. I mean who really wants to sit on essentially an airplane for seven months?! It’s only several days to the moon. You could bounce around there on the way and get some exercise.



Aldrin wants to build human settlements with people under 30 years old, in which case if you’re over 30, you probably won’t be invited. You can heave a sigh of relief. They’ve been subliminally programming you for a zombie world here on earth for years now anyway. The Walking Dead has been on for eleven seasons… Maybe you gathered some survival tips.



I was a guest of Dr. Buzz Aldrin at NASA/JPL in California watching the Mars Curiosity Rover land on Mars live in August 2012. It’s mission is essentially to find water. It’s still looking.



The Perseverance Rover landed on Mars in February 2021. With it are sample space suit materials……Kevlar, Gore-Tex, Teflon to monitor the effect of intense radiation and dust storms over a period, for the exoskeleton of the space suits, which will also need integrated life support systems. Aldrin had a 21-layer spacesuit on his Apollo 11 moon trip.



The Curiosity Rover, somehow taking a selfie…. Photo provided by Wonderlust



Inside the Mars biodomes, (the structures they intend to construct) that will somehow have their own interior controlled environment, you won’t need your space suit there. Prototypes are being built in Dubai right now, plus the 3D printed basements underneath those. Excuse me but doesn’t 3D printing require some kind of wet substrate to mix with the Mars dust…?



We can’t deny that our planet Earth is hotter, but what is the point on going to another planet to build an air-controlled environment with basically zilch nothing, why not just provide solar powered air-conditioned environments on Earth instead, which probably 99% of people who are suffering from heat stress don’t have in the first place. There has to be a way.



On Mars you can’t even breathe outside! Look at Matt Damon, he ended up riding around on his space buggy endlessly in a closed helmet. Lonely.



So while it’s a lofty crazy billionaire concept going to Mars, (and it’ll cost ga-zillions), I think we can conclude that maybe it’s beyond ridiculously expensive, a complete waste of energy resources and maybe in our best interests to fix things here on our beautiful Planet Earth instead.




This is probably the safest way to see Mars –

Mars in 4K taken by the Nasa Rover (video)