Discover tricks to get a luxury vacation on a budget.



Before the health crisis, American workers had a record of 768 million unused vacation days. Today, stress and boredom are pushing for the high demand for a luxury vacation.


The word “luxury” may seem financially unappealing but not all luxury vacations are expensive. Here are six vacation tips to know. Read on to enjoy a luxury vacation without spending too much money.



Opt to Travel to Emerging Destinations


Established travel destinations might seem like a perfect place for a vacation but the bill will tell you otherwise. To save money, explore emerging destinations with similar features but cheaper rates.


For instance, San Miguel de Allende is a destination renowned as a colonial town catering to luxurious vacation resorts.


Instead of visiting there, travel to Tulum. It houses an ancient Mayan port. Since Tulum is still emerging, price rates are lower.



Visit During the Off-Season


If you visit established tourist spots, do it during the off-season. During this time, promos are at their peak and airfares are lower. Take advantage of the price decrease for a budget vacation.



Don’t Stay Around the Tourist Centers


If you’re on a city vacation, stay clear of tourist centers when shopping or eating. Visit the outer part of the city where prices are cheaper.


This also applies when looking for hotel rooms. You may not stay at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel but you’ll find cheaper hotels outside the city.



Go for All-Inclusive Hotels and Resorts


When looking for a hotel, go for all-inclusive hotels and resorts. In a nutshell, all-inclusive hotels and resorts bundle your lodging with food, drinks, accommodation, and other services. It includes non-motorized watersports for a more enjoyable vacation.


It also helps avoid booking expensive hotel suites and clubrooms. Unless you plan to spend the entire day inside your hotel room, book for regular. It saves on accommodation fees, allowing you to spend on other activities instead.



Forego Hotel Rooms and Opt For Rentals Instead


Instead of paying for various hotel rooms, rent villas, apartments, or houses. They’re cheaper and provide a large lounging space and privacy. It’s one of the most cost-saving cheap vacation tricks to keep in mind especially if you travel with a crowd.



Take Advantage of Vacation Club Points


Becoming a member of the Marriott Vacation Club allows you to buy an annual allotment of Club Points. These club points are holiday currencies for booking your chosen accommodation at any of the branch resorts at any time. They come as discounts, offers, and other perks.


If you don’t have enough points, you can borrow from your upcoming Use Year. If you know a member who rarely uses his or her points, then be sure to read up on Transferring Destinations Club Points.



Plan for Your Budget Luxury Vacation Now

These are six vacation tips to learn to shave off some costs for a luxury vacation. Use these to achieve your dream vacation soon.