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Do you love exploring the great outdoors? There’s really nothing better than getting out into pure nature, filling your lungs with fresh air as you seek new adventures. And one of the best ways to explore the beauty of Mother Nature is in a kayak.


Once you’ve discovered kayaking, you’ll soon be hungry for the perfect places for paddling. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.





The Colorado River


When it comes to the most beautiful kayaking spots in the world, it’s hard to beat the 1,450 miles of the Colorado River (although we don’t recommend doing all 1,450 miles at once). The highlights include the Grand Canyon, as well as passing through seven states from Wyoming to New Mexico. This is truly kayaking at its very best and offers the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.



Prince William Sound


The next stop on this list of fabulous kayaking destinations is Prince William Sound in the Chugach National Forest, in the Gulf of Alaska. Paddling this body of water will take you through a stunning environment. You will be inspired by the vastness of the natural beauty and the abundance of wildlife. Watch seals, humpback whales, bears and sea lions happily playing among the icebergs, at the foot of the majestic Alaskan mountains.





The great kayaking spots of the world aren’t limited to America. Norway is one of the most gorgeous locations in the world, in general, but especially when it comes to seeing the country by water. The magnificent fjords were cut into the landscape by glaciers millions of years ago and provide the perfect kayaking experience. Once you get a taste of this breathtaking scenery, you might never want to go home. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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New Zealand


Another scenic wonderland, undoubtedly one of the ultimate kayaking destinations on the planet. So many destinations for world class kayaking, but make sure to put Milford Sound near the top of your list. This a spectacular fiord within Fiordland National Park, and is overflowing with natural splendor.



The Everglades


Back home in the United States, the Florida Everglades provide a different kind of natural beauty. The variety of wildlife alone makes this a journey worth taking. The key is to keep a watchful eye for alligators as you paddle through the smooth waters and tall grass. Alligators are not your friends — we don’t care how un-PC that is, it’s just plain true.


The Everglades cover much of the southern part of the state, offering kayakers everything from vast open lakes to murky swamps, and enough adventure to seriously keep you busy exploring for months. There’s a lot of water in Florida