Sedona is stunning, with breathtaking landscapes, and fun things to do



Sedona, Arizona is a majestic part of the world, and its natural beauty and spiritual significance attract about three million visitors a year.


Are you wondering what there is to do in Sedona? The answer is a lot. From yoga on a rocky vortex to hiking through gorgeous trails, there’s never a dull moment in Sedona.





Scope Out the Vortexes


Sedona, Arizona, has been categorized as a cathedral without walls. Be sure to visit one of the region’s mesmerizing vortexes, natural centers that are surging with energy. Many people flock to the areas for meditation, reflection and healing. Visitors claim that an afternoon in a Sedona vortex leaves them feeling enlightened, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world.


All of Sedona is considered a vortex. But the spots with the highest energy flows are said to be: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. When you arrive, be mindful of others. Many people flock are there to reflect, practice yoga and pray.


In addition to its transcendent energy, the vortexes throughout Sedona are naturally scenic. They are large rock formations and canyons that captivate nature-lovers. Even if you don’t feel the energy particularly, you can still enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by the Arizona wilderness.



Hike West Fork Trail


One of the best Sedona sites is West Fork Trail. This family-friendly pathway takes hikers through a gorgeous tree-lined canyon. If you need to cool down, there are plenty of shallow swimming pools along the way.


West Fork Trail is a beautiful day-trip. Visitors can take their time exploring their natural surroundings and cooling off in the creek. Large portions of the path are tree-covered, making it an excellent summer activity.


The entire West Fork Trail Sedona trail loop is over seven miles long, so plan accordingly. Most visitors bring water, snacks or a light lunch. The trail is not steep, but it gradually inclines. The trek can be challenging for some and is a moderate-level trail. Hikers should be reasonably fit and in fair health.


West Fork Trail is open from 6:30 a.m. until dusk, all year long. Dogs are allowed as long as they remain leashed. The visiting fee is $11 per vehicle holding up to five passengers so don’t try pulling that drive-thru movie trick of sneaking people in the trunk.



Sign up for a Jeep Tour


If you want to enjoy Sedona’s breathtaking landscapes but need to give your feet a rest, sign up for a Sedona jeep tour. This is great fun. Jeep tours are led by guides who know the area. Some tours run through historical sites like the Honanki Heritage Site. Other jeep adventures take visitors through traverse terrain to catch amazing views of Sedona.


Most guided jeep tours last between one and three hours. They include narration and factor in pitstops for photos and on-foot exploring. If you want the freedom to create your own trail, jeep rental companies allow you to do so. Visitors can explore the Sedona landscape at their own pace.



Relax on Buddha Beach


Embark down Oak Creek Trail and find yourself on Buddha Beach. The mile-and-a-half nature path is an easy walk for people of all fitness levels.


The path leads to Buddha Beach, also known as Red Rock Crossing. The area is close to Cathedral Rock, one of the strongest vortexes in Sedona. It also was once a sacred area for Native American tribes in the area. The beach features a calm river and plenty of space to picnic, relax and meditate. The area is believed to contain strong feminine forces that ignite feelings of empathy and receptiveness. Wish we could bottle that


The trail leading to Buddha Beach is easily accessible from Crescent Moon Picnic Site. There is an $11 parking fee. Dogs are allowed but, again, must be leashed at all times.



Explore Red Rock State Park


If there is one attraction you don’t want to miss, it’s visiting Red Rock State Park. The area spans 286 acres and features some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Inside the preserve, you’ll find a visitors center, ramada, gift store, theater and various hiking trails. During the weekends, a variety of nature-themed events usually take place throughout the park.


Red Rock State Park was opened in October 1991. It is home to a wide range of wildlife, including: mule deer, javelina, coyotes and various bird species. Bird lovers can partake in bird walks on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Red Rock State Park is open year-round. Tourists can explore the preserve on foot, horseback, jeep, raft, bicycle, and from above in a helicopter or a hot air balloon.



Mountain Biking


Sedona entices adventure enthusiasts thanks to its fantastic mountain biking terrain. As long as there isn’t too much snow on the ground, people can enjoy mountain biking in Sedona all-year-round. Numerous different trails take bikers through rocky and mountainous scenery. Some trails offer killer views of Sedona hotspots like Cathedral Rock and Doe Mesa.


With so many different mountain biking trails, people of all skill levels can partake. There are a variety of local bike shops offering rentals and maps for tourists. Make sure to pack plenty of water.