NYC’s Center Bar’s Adam Petronzio makes a wicked one



Center Bar is located in New York City, in what used to be more imperiously known as the Time Warner Center, but which now — since no-one knows who owns Time or Warner anymore presumably,  — goes by the more Sunday Magazine-friendly “the Shops at Columbus Circle.” At any rate, it’s there, it’s a great bar, layered between some excellent restaurants, and many, many shops.


Adam Petronzio is the Beverage Director but that doesn’t mean he sits in an ivory tower… oh no, he still makes the drinks behind the curved, white marble bar. In an establishment whose reputation proudly sails on the seas of the classics, the Kings Old Fashioned is the classicest of all.


“Some things should not change in life and are simply meant to make you feel warm and cozy after a long day,” says the maestro. “Enter the Old Fashioned — something so familiar and comforting that it needs no introduction. An Old Fashioned gets its name from guests that ordered their drinks the old way in the 1880’s.” 





The drink


The Kings Old Fashioned


While some things have changed since the old days, a good Old Fashioned still starts with a great brown spirit —- I prefer High West Double Rye as it has the brightness to complement the garnishes which complete this cocktail, a plumped apricot, orange twist and lemon twist. 


Even though the Kings Old Fashioned  is a classic at Center Bar, we do tinker around the edges a bit to keep our guests coming back for more. The garnishes have evolved over the years and the current, Plumped California Apricot, is my favorite, replacing the traditional cherry. It brings a great citrus note to the cocktail.


There are floral notes and an almost baked aroma that really shines here. The cocktail is also finished with an Orange twist and Lemon Twist, served over one large ice cube.






2 oz High West Double Rye 

1 splash Simple Syrup

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters 

2 Dashes Angostura Orange Bitters 

Stirred with lots of ice and poured over one large cube in a rocks glass 

Orange and Lemon Twists, twisted over the glass and thrusted down into the drink

1 Plumped Apricot, (we plump with simple syrup and Giffard Abricot du Roussillon) placed on top






In a mixing glass add bitters, simple syrup and Rye. Add ice and stir. 

Strain over a large ice rock into a rocks glass. 

Express oil from lemon and orange twist into the glass and drop into cocktail. Garnish with that plumped apricot.