Things I Can't Travel Without

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Liza Lentini
Casual dress day: Liza in St. Martin at Belmond La Samanna Yotam Sandak





Who’s who   Liza Lentini, WONDERLUST Style Editor


Current location   Boston


Place I visit most   New York City


Favorite Destination   St. Martin


Dream Vacation   A tour of Australia


My suitcase is always   Huge and packed to the gills!
















Liza Lentini 1

CLN&DRTY Deodorant    $14


CLN&DRTY by far makes the most incredible all-natural skincare products out there, and because I’m a complete deodorant snob, I’ve chosen to list their lemon eucalyptus deodorant which, unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t just smell great, but actually works. (You know, priorities.)




Gucci Belt Bag    $750 (Above)


I’ve been collecting Gucci bags since high school, and purchased one very similar to this at the Florence airport in 2005. I use it mostly without the belt as a coin purse, and Gucci always lasts forever.



Liza Lentini 2

True Lemon    $5

I’m a big tea and seltzer drinker (and addicted to the taste of lemon!) so I always keep a couple of these crystallized lemon packets in my bag.



Liza Lentini 3

David’s Tea / Valerian Nights    $44 (8 oz)


Carrying loose tea isn’t always the most convenient thing, but trust me – this one is worth it. With caramel, coconut and touches of apple and chamomile, you won’t forget to pack your infuser.



Liza Lentini 4



Hermes Silk Scarf    $395


This Hermes surprisingly goes with just about everything, but I like it best with a bright, white shirt.



Liza Lentini 5

S’well Traveler    $30


S’well bottles, upscale thermoses, actually live up to their hot/cold promise, and they’re just so pretty.



Liza Lentini 6


“Buon Giorno Bitches” Tote $16

I either pack or carry a simple canvas tote, like this sassy one here I designed myself.



Liza Lentini 7


Portofino Travel Set $395


Sofia Cashmere makes a delectable travel set that includes an eye mask, blanket and the softest socks.



Liza Lentini 8


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II $350


Great wireless noise canceling headphones feed my addiction to audio books, as well as facilitating  the all-important sound of silence, when required.



Liza Lentini 9


Alaia Knitted Mini Dress $3,780


No matter where I’m going, I pack a LBD that I can dress up or dress down, so I’m prepared for pretty much anything.