Things I Can’t Travel Without

Our editors’ picks for favorite must-haves



Who’s who:  Victoria Gilbert, WONDERLUST Contributor


Current location:  Niagara-On-The-Lake


Place I visit most:  Aspen, Colorado


Favorite Destination:  Thailand


Dream Vacation:  Cycling in France or scuba diving in Thailand


My suitcase is always:  Light but I pack a fat carry on!





Bose in-ear headphones


I paid $100 for these little ear buds of happiness a couple of years ago and it was worth every penny, even of they are now on sale for half the price these days with wireless being the new “cool.” I’m an old fashioned girl so I’ll keep these handy until I loose them (it will happen). They drown out the snoring guy next to you on a plane and feed me the soundtrack to all my travels., $49






routine Deodorant 


A Canadian company based out of the foot of the mountain in Calgary, they claim to be the most effective natural deodorant ever made and they may be right because this stuff is good. They sell little mini packs to go; a better bet when travelling because their full size comes in a classy but heavy glass jar. Lovely scent and they keep you smelling like a fresh mountain Calagay stream even on the longest red-eye., $21 for full size



eos lip balm


My lips are forever dry, or maybe I just like slathering them with balm, either way, this organic ball of lip smaking pleasure soothes dry lips and tastes divine.  The spherical shape is also easy to find in the bottom of a packed travel bag in a pinch., $3.29



scentuals Lavender essential oil


Lavender is supposed to relax and help you sleep and I’m all for a good night’s sleep in a strange new bed so travelling with this little bottle can do the trick when trying to catch some zz’s on your next adventure. A few drop on your pillow or in the bath are certain to make you pass out., $9




Agent Provcateur Lingerie set and/or bathing suit 


A relatively new lingerie/bathing suit brand out of the UK – I drool over their beautiful pieces and have taken to packing at least one set of their lingerie or if there’s going to be a hot tub, pool or open water on the other side of my flight, one of the sexiest bathing suits known to man comes along. Hey, if you can’t feel sexy on vacation, when can you?, $150+







BIC lighter and Bath and Body Works mini candle


I’ve walked into some rooms where I am delighted by the smell, and some not so much. A quick flick of your trusty BIC on one of Bath and Body Works super powerful and super cute mini candles make any new space smellier – in a good way., $1 and $6.50



Stella and Dot purse


Beauitul, simple and elegant, the toes and the purses are well made and timeless. I use their classic black leather purse because it’s not too big and not too small and the lining is super pretty.  The more fun totes featuring prints like palm leaves or elephants are perfect for any beach vacay., $200+



Tweezerman macro mini tweezer set


There’s a reason I see this brand of tweezers at so many salons; they’re fantastic. Tiny and precise, this mini set is perfect for your next trip and keeps any stray brow hair in check., $24



Roberto Cavalli Jacket 


Like most things Italian, Roberto Cavalli anything is usually unbelievably well made and gorgeous.  I like a white suit jacket for flights or for going out – looks classy even when paired with jeans or a simple dress., $1,000