Contributing Editor Marla Martenson has a new book out, The Magic Seeker, A Memoir



Marla has been writing for WONDERLUST since we started in 2017, and her journeys have taken her to Hungary, Paris, and Boise, Idaho to (possibly) haunted Seattle and across Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband. But no journey was as special or took her as far away as her metaphysical trips with Chief Red Eagle, a very long ago departed Native American. This is her article, “A Magical Night in Los Angeles” of that initial encounter.


Marla’s experiences with spiritual channeler Riz Mirza continued past that first night she reported on, and now she has written a fantastic book about her labyrinthine odyssey with Red Eagle, with whom she develops a deep connection. As ever, she writes with humor and vivacity and although she takes the mysticism she embraces very seriously, she engagingly doesn’t take herself too seriously. And she feels she has emerged from her magical voyage a deeper and more complete healer. 


This is a great and beautiful book for people who are open minded about the spiritual worlds we can visit but can’t possibly fully understand. It’s a book about enlightenment and wisdom, in contrast to the leaden reality we all daily endure.   


The book can be purchased on Amazon.