If we took a holiday Madonna-style…



When “Holiday” was released in 1983, MASH aired its final show, Michael Jackson moonwalked for the first time, McDonald’s introduced the McNugget and Flashdance was a box office hit. 


A new boppy, poppy sound—and style—was on the scene.


Suddenly, rubber bracelets and big silver crosses were everywhere. Lace half-gloves were now everyday attire. Wrap your hair in a bright scarf—and leave it as dirty as possible. And don’t forget the denim. As much denim as possible. 


I was a kid in 1983. I watched MTV to copy super-cool-older-girl Madonna’s bouncy, toe-tapping moves to use at the school dance. We all did.



By the time the “Holiday” video aired in September 1983, MTV had been around for two years.



And, on the periphery, I can clearly recall living in a state of nuclear terror. The Internet was far off, we only knew what President Reagan told us. Russia was something to be feared. Reagan would come up with a “strategic defense.” We waited and hoped we could survive a nuclear winter if it didn’t work out. 


Nearly four decades ago, Madonna was hoping, too. That was the celebration she promised. All across the world. In every nation. To forget about the bad times. Let love shine, and we will find a way to come together.


The iconic style is a reflection of an iconic time. And, if you look around you, the time is now. We still need to come together. And why not dress up and dance? Because style has power. Be an individual. Take risks. Stand out from the crowd. Remind yourself you’re still that little dreamer. We all need a holiday. It would be so nice.