Two great gift ideas! (Yeah, just two)



A certain publisher of Wonderlust says the gift guide thing is so everywhere. And we agree. So this holiday season, instead of wading through all those gift choices — think choice overdose in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House — and if you haven’t seen the classic 1948 film take a little time out to watch it. Bonus, it’s a comedy too.


Don’t get us wrong. We love gift guides and even more we love gifting and receiving! But sometimes those useful beelines to finding the perfect under $10 something or other just become too much white noise. And who wants to get an under $10 gift anyway? No judgement, by the way.


In keeping with the less is more strategy, here are two gifts for your favorite travelers. Choose one or the other. And if you don’t feel like choosing, live a little and get both.  



Jet Set Candy 14K Paris CDG Luggage Tag Charm

This is a photo of a gift guide. Aris charm luggage tagAt only $103, give the gift of solid gold. And because gold lasts almost forever. These irresistible mini charms and other jewelry items come in various metals and there are multiple locations around the globe to choose from. You’ll be sure to find one that represents your fave travel destination.



Electric Stainless Portable Travel Kettle



This is a photo of a gift guide. Electric Stainless Portable Travel Kettle


We’ve noticed an unsettling new trend recently. More and more, hotels seem to be cost cutting and no longer offering in-room coffee service. If you’re the kind of person who needs a cup of coffee just to make it to the hotel lobby where the communal coffee pot lives, then look no further. Bring your own mini electric travel kettle. It’s stainless steel lined too, so even if you have a flimsy plastic number in the room you don’t need to add to your plastic particulate consumption if you don’t have to. There are two choices here: a travel kettle for domestic use and one for international travel. Choosing is easy peasy this time. Get both!