5 great things to do when you get there.



Queensland has it all, as everyone always says, I know. But it’s sometimes an overlooked region of Australia, and that keeps us up at night…


A record 25 million tourists visited Queensland in 2019, pre the global darkness of covid, drawn to its stunning beaches, raucous nightlife, unforgettable nature, and, of course, booming Brisbane. Prices are more reasonable too, with dining, hotels, and activities tending to be significantly cheaper than in the more oversaturated Oz hotspots such as Victoria and New South Wales.




Tropical Fitzroy Island


One of the top things to do in Australia is to experience unspoilt tropical island life, and Queensland does not disappoint. While there are plenty of options to choose from, any first-time visitor should start with a stay on beautiful Fitzroy Island. Easily accessible from Cairns, this tropical paradise feels like the heart of the Caribbean. Enjoy sapphire-blue waters and white sand at the iconic Nudey Beach, which is not necessarily a nude-y beach, and don’t forget to try a spot of fishing. The marlins here are truly massive.



Whitsunday Sailing


There is no Australian vacation without a trip to the iconic Whitsunday Islands. That’s hyperbolic, even by our standards, but not ebturely untrue… This string of white sandy islands, set amongst perfectly still blue waters, is a truly unmissable experience.


The most authentic way to experience Whitsunday is by boat, so rent a yacht or catamaran if you can. What’s more, companies like www.whitsundayescape.com allow you to take a pleasure boat out without any license whatsoever, as they will teach you the ropes before you go. Ha! Those better be easy ropes, right? Or they have a laissez faire attitude about their boats…



Booming Brisbane Nightlife


Brisbane is known as the party capital of Australia, and it is not hard to see why. Any vacation planning in Queensland should always factor in a raucous weekend in Brisbane, where it seems like the party never stops.


The city has it all, from all-day beaches parties to rooftop techno raves, as well as plenty of megaclubs and cozy dive bars for the LGBT community. Just pace yourself. (We don’t really mean that, FYI. Go wild! You’re in Australia for God’s sake, very far from the US.)



Idyllic Noosa


Once you have had your fill of the bright lights of Brisbane, you might want to dial things down and enjoy a truly idyllic few days in the beautiful seaside town of Noosa. This colorful hamlet is a highly sought-after lifestyle destination, with people flocking from all corners of the country to enjoy fine dining, good wine, cutting-edge art galleries, and thriving cafe culture. Kick back and relax for a while.





Finally, do not forget Queensland’s greatest treasure, the Great Barrier Reef. One of the great wonders of the natural world, the Reef is a truly unforgettable experience that will bring you up close with some of the rarest and most beautiful fauna and flora in the world. You will get what all the fuss is if you haven’t already been. If you’ve been, you’ve got it and will want to go again.


Sustainability is a key concern, so avoid any large boating excursions. Instead, you can opt for sustainable diving that is guided by conservation specialists, to help ensure that the GBR is available for future generations to enjoy.


If you are planning a trip to Queensland Australia, these are the absolute must-visits.