These are the things no-one’s panic-buying



The one thing that unites us all is food. Well, food and travel, but we can’t go anywhere right now, except to the supermarket.


We gather together for meals, we cook as a family (even more so now that we’re self-quarantined), we share recipes. We watch Massimo Bottura in the same boat as us, and he’s one of the best chefs in the world.


We binge shop. We descend on supermarkets like locusts, or those metal flies that devour everything they come in touch with in the Keanu Reeves version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. We buy, let’s be honest, crap we wouldn’t normally eat but now, small tears of gratitude forming in our eyes, can’t believe our good fortune to find.


And we see what’s left over. The stock that no amount of End of the World desperation depletes. The food that no-one wants.


What do you need for two (maybe more) weeks of self-quarantine? Apparently not chicken paws! I thought chicken paws were only sold in Southern grocery stores, but our Deputy Editor Jason Stahl proved me wrong. He found some while filing his Coronavirus Dispatch in Jersey City.


When I saw chicken paws at my local grocery store I thought, “What can I do with dem chicken paws? And why aren’t they called feet? Why am I contemplating putting feet in my mouth? Is this even real life?”


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