Daniel Scheffler’s new podcast Everywhere goes — everywhere!



Our brilliant Special Projects Editor, Daniel Scheffler, recently launched his travel podcast Everywhere, with iHeart Media. Readers of his wonderful pieces here will know he’s not short of an opinion or two, or 20, so you can anticipate his no-nonsense, suffer no fools approach to a myriad of travel topics.


Somewhat biblically he has set his shows out like commandments: Thou shalt talk to strangers, Thou shalt just go with it, are two examples. In this he shares (and partly shapes of course) the WONDERLUST philosophy that you really should just dump all the social media and influencer crap in the nearest medical waste box, and go find the world for yourself. 


The approximately 40 minute podcast revolves around Daniel’s almost supernatural amount of travel and his precise and whimsical observations of the places he sees. He has a  childlike curiosity and openness to everywhere he goes and isn’t a snob about anywhere. He turns his cultured nose up at plenty of hackneyed travel cliches though, and that’s doing God’s work in my book. 


Daniel also interviews some fascinating people, including former Time Editor Richard Stengel, Stephanie Stebich, the Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, who may or may not have been/still be a Presidential candidate — who can keep up? — and renowned chef Nancy Silverton.


His most recent show is about stillness and silence — a glorious irony for aural theater.


Explains Daniel, when asked his ambition for the podcast: “I created a show that came from a place of love for travel – real travel. Not the nonsensical “luxury” kind that Instagram parades, and not the fake list driven travel that forgets that there is a core humanity component.”


Here’s a link to the show   Subscribe already! And it’s available wherever you find podcasts.