Astrologer Hilary Harley’s new podcast Mystical Messages brings messages from the stars down to earth



Hilary Harley has been practicing astrology for over two decades, helping anyone and everyone all over the world make sense of their earthly existence. “Anyone who wants to understand how they’re wired, learn about their internal cosmic GPS, purpose and evolutionary goals and how to attain them needs an astrology session,” she says. She offers astrology natal/birth charts, current forecasts and solar return readings to understand what’s happening for you right now and in the days to come. 


Her new podcast Mystical Messages gives a down-to-earth approach to understanding how the sun, moon and stars affects our daily lives. “I launched Mystical Messages for two reasons. Firstly, to offer my monthly astrology forecasts free to all. Secondly, and arguably more importantly, to guide those just opening up to the path of metaphysics. When I was curious about astrology as a teenager, there were very, very few resources. I learned this was also true for many of my fellow lightworkers, those with interest and talent in the metaphysical healing arts, whether Reiki, tarot, mediumship, etc.” But here’s the best part: She talks about the influence of celestial bodies, but nothing she says is over your head. Her approach is carefully laced with intelligence, humor and, shall we say, layman’s terms. The result is something utterly fascinating anyone can grasp, however it benefits them. “A primary aim of my podcast is to provide resources to those on the Path; for them to know that they are not alone; that there are many practitioners available to guide, mentor and teach those seeking to grow, learn and heal.” 


Hilary’s Mystical Messages podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify or wherever you follow your podcasts.







Tell us about Mystical Messages


Listeners learn what to expect from the month ahead by tuning into my monthly astrology forecast dropped at the end of each month. The forecast gives you a leg up about how to navigate your upcoming weeks, the days to take advantage of and the days to avoid.


Mystical Messages also features cutting edge holistic healers, how they practice and where to reach them to benefit from their modality. Anyone who has exhausted the limits of Western allopathic medicine will benefit from tuning into the podcast and exploring veteran alternative practitioners offering myriad options to supplement traditional therapies.



Why now?


Last December 2020, planetary titans Jupiter and Saturn united in the sign of Aquarius, to mark the beginning of this age lasting 2000 years. The New Age— the Age of Aquarius—is now truly upon us. Aquarius rules astrology and astrologers. It also rules connectivity, the sharing and transfer of knowledge, groups, networking, teams, anything different, alternative, progressive, non-mainstream, rebellious, radical and avant garde. Podcasts do precisely this: share knowledge, connect people to information via a non-mainstream format. Anyone may become a podcaster.



How is your approach to readings different from other astrologers? 


My clients enjoy and benefit from an incredible level of detail in my readings. I also don’t time box my clients. Sessions run up to two hours to allow clients adequate time to explore concerns and questions. I don’t pack my calendar with back-to-back clients because I cannot work that way.



Everyone wants to know—can astrology help you get rich? Or, at least, can it help you with money matters?


The best reply to this question is JP Morgan’s famous quotation: Millionaires don’t use astrologers, billionaires do.


Yes, astrology is rooted in timing, cycles and patterns. If a client works with an expert in these three things, like investing on a New Moon and cashing in at a Full Moon, of course they stand to gain financially. My personal astrological superpower is real estate, the timing of when to list, buy and sell properties.



Can astrology predict the best and worst days for travel?  


Yes. It is based on the client’s particular chart. One client had particular anxiety about going on a work-and-pleasure trip to London. Based on her chart, there was absolutely no reason for her NOT to go. Her anxiety stemmed from another source evident in her chart. Suffice it to say, she went on the trip. Not only was it incredibly successful on the work front, but the trip served to heal a long-time issue.


That said, I have advised clients to avoid certain time-frames for travel and to go either before or after a particular window.


Astrology can identify if there will be particular weather disturbances (hurricanes, etc.) that might arise at certain times.


Typically, it is never recommended to purchase travel related tickets during Mercury retrograde as you may experience snafus, delays and other obstacles when you actually go on the trip later on. You also do NOT want to purchase tickets when the moon is void-of-course, a technical term. For major excursions and trips, best to check with your astrologer to know when to book and buy your tickets.


In my experience, and as I advise clients, it is FINE to travel during a Mercury retrograde. We are supposed to slow down during these periods and follow the “re” retrograde words: rest, restore, relax, renew, reclaim, revisit.



Can you help people work through tough times with your readings? 


Yes. In fact, most of my work is crisis-driven by people at crossroads in life. Astrology shows why an event occurred and, most importantly, how long it will last and how best to navigate the challenges.



Do the stars “predict” our future? How much of it is divine and how much is our choices?


A person’s natal/birth chart is divided into sectors, the left side deals with free will and choice while the right-side deals with fate and destiny. We ALWAYS have free will and choice. But know that planet Earth is a school to learn life lessons. If you avoid the lesson now, in this lifetime, you will be back to learn it later.


Astrology is a tremendously powerful tool and resource to guide clients to their fullest potential and well-being. It answers why you are called to or drawn toward certain directions, often repeatedly, and why you avoid other aspects of life. Astrology raises awareness about obstacles and hurdles so you don’t keep repeating negative patterns.



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