Restaurant Edge Steakhouse, Las Vegas

At the Westgate Hotel’s upscale eatery, the steak is maybe the town’s surest bet


You check yourself out in the hallway mirrors. The ones next to the elevators. You look like a million bucks. Brooks Brothers blazer. Gabardine slacks. Hair is staying in place, despite or maybe in spite, of the ever-present AC that prevents you from breaking out in a sweat. You’re old school; not decked out in an Armani suit, but you’re not rocking sweats and flip-flops either. Not like the rest of the dregs here. They’re not stopping to look in the mirror. Don’t they know this is the Westgate?


Classic Vegas — used to be the LV Hilton, but no more pirates or clowns in sight. Well, a few clowns.


Speaking of a million bucks, that’s what you hope to win tonight. Craps is your game. Plus you’ve got got a few hundred on the Broncos to cover the spread.


But first, steak.


You pass numerous shops on the way to your destination. Shops. That’s most of Vegas now. Seems strange – who’s buying a rug from a casino?


Somebody must be or they wouldn’t be open. A concierge in a snugly fit uniform asks if you’re interested in seeing the Barry Manilow show. You say no thanks. Saw him last night. Terrific.


Ten minutes early for your reservation to Edge Steakhouse. You’re always ten minutes early. One of those habits of highly effective people. Despite being early, the hostess directs you to a back booth. Under a mosaic painting of The King, another man who knew how to eat. You squeeze yourself into the booth and order a Manhattan. Checking the score of the game – Broncos are down early.



Trust the chef Photo provided by Wonderlust



The waitress suggests the chef’s tasting menu. You were planning on just ordering the top sirloin. But she has a trusting face. You decide to roll the dice. So to speak.


The first course is the Beef Tartare topped with Kalgua Caviar. Made from Wagyu Japanese beef, it comes served with toast dipped in duck fat which allows for a mélange of textures. Each bite melts in your mouth; the caviar adding a nice, bright pop of flavor. This is a hell of a start.


Next up is the End of Summer Gazpacho. This soup could chill even the hottest gambler. Served with pickled cucumber, croutons, and an utterly refreshing lime crème fraîche. This is quickly followed by the Seared Scallops with creamed corn. Cooked to perfection. What separates this dish are the chunks of chorizo sitting on top. It’s the perfect blend of different and unique flavors and textures.



edge las vegas
The interior is elegant and cozy, and makes you forget you are in a desert Photo provided by Wonderlust



You take your time with this dish. Savor every tender bite. Check your phone. The Broncos are even. Perhaps you should’ve placed a gutsier bet? Finally, what you have been waiting for arrives.


End of Summer Gazpacho Photo provided by Wonderlust

This places prides itself on being one of Vegas’ top steakhouses. They don’t disappoint. Placed in front of you is a beautiful hunk of meat: A 20oz Dry Aged bone-in Ribeye. Your knife glides through the grains, revealing a steak masterfully cooked to rare. Partnered with a side of Mexican street corn with diced jalapeños and chipotle aioli for a little needed sweetness and kick to the taste buds. You learn from your knowledgeable waitress that your steak has been aging for forty days. Sounds biblical. This process allows the enzymes of the meat to break down the connective tissue and evaporate water from the muscle – creating that tender bite you just experienced. Pink Himalayan salt is then added to help along the aging process. Sounds legit to you.



Perfection Photo provided by Wonderlust



You were just looking for a damn good steak. And you got one. For a couple Jacksons more you could’ve added a large lobster tail to this meal. Little surf and turf action. Oh well, maybe next time. Besides, the Broncos still haven’t covered. Yet. You polish off the last Manhattan (your third) and settle up. You squeeze yourself out of the booth (more difficulty this time), and head out. Fully satisfied. Another hallway, another mirror. Teeth still look good. Hair hasn’t moved. The same concierge is still beating the drum for those Manilow tickets, the uniform tie a little looser now.


You kindly ask her to point in the direction of the craps table.