Things I Can't Travel Without

Our editors reveal all…



Emily Gatlin
Natural habitat: Emily on the Oxford Square Photo provided by Wonderlust




Who’s who   Emily Gatlin, WONDERLUST Digital Editor


Current location   Oxford, Mississippi


Place I visit most   Nashville


Favorite Destination   Mykonos, Greece


Dream Vacation   Amalfi Coast


My suitcase is always   Heavier than I am…










satchel Pilot Duffle (above)


I take a lot of weekend trips to the lake, and this bag is nothing short of perfect. Satchel makes all of their custom leather goods by hand in Savannah, GA, and you can tailor your bag to suit your needs. This duffle is made with one of their gorgeous distressed leathers, which get better with age and wear. $835,




emily gatlin 2


Tieks by Gavrieli, Biscotti Travel Flat


In a past life, I commuted 200 miles to work several times a month, and at the end of the road I’d have excruciatingly long meetings, then a dinner meeting, a bad sleep in a hotel room, a breakfast meeting, rinse, repeat. I’d keep a pair of Tieks travel flats in my purse to avoid the inevitable foot-murder that occurs when you have to keep up appearances of being a professional ladyperson. They fold up into a little bag, and they’re worth every penny. $195,




emily gatlin 3



Skyn Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream


Folks with sensitive skin, take note!  It’s vegan, cruelty-free and natural, and I wake up refreshed with dewy skin, which is impossible to do when you’re traveling. Follow up in the morning with their ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion $45 (with Icelandic kelp and willow bark) and you’ll knock a few years off your face. The tingling sensation is normal. Embrace it.  $65,



emily gatlin

Tiffany & Co. Pearl Earrings, Ziegfeld Collection

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’m Southern and believe wholeheartedly that less is more. I don’t travel with a ditty bag full of accessories, and I don’t even go to the grocery store in yoga pants and a trucker hat without my Tiffany pearl earrings. They’re classic and natural, like you’ve always worn them as an extension of your face, and with a simple change into a sundress — you’re still wearing pearls. How classy are you?  $250,





emily gatlin 6


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo


I don’t wear a lot of makeup and can be ready to seize the day in 15 minutes… unless I have to wash my hair. Then I’m looking at an hour of primp time, which takes 45 minutes away from what I’d rather be doing, which is exploring a new city or, let’s be honest, eating something outrageous and loaded with the bad kind of carbohydrates. This stuff is magic! It’s silicone-free, smells great, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and I can flip my head upside down, brush my hair out, and viola! Instant sassy! Invest in a high-quality shower cap (I recommend Drybar’s Morning After Shower Cap $16) and free yourself of heat styling for a few days.  $23,





emily gatlin 6


BaBylissPRO Volare V1 Dryer  


Again, my hair is no joke, y’all. It requires an Italian blow dryer with a Ferrari-designed engine. I’ll go without packing multiple pairs of shoes just to fit it in my suitcase. (The Tieks are making a little more sense now, huh?) The BaByliss investment cut my drying time in half, so I have more time for foodventures.  $180,








satchel Piper Wristlet


I have two of these, and they are the best for traveling. Large enough to fit your phone, cards, lipgloss and keys, but small enough for an evening bag. When I have to quickly switch purses from day to night, I use my wristlet as a wallet and I simply grab-and-go.  $73-$218,






Lucchese Boots


I visit Nashville the most, but that’s because my family is there and I was reared in Middle Tennessee. (It’s a wonderful city! You should go there.) I’ve had my Lucchese cowboy boots for seven years, and I’ve walked hundreds of miles in them. I refer to them as my “butter pats” because they’re so comfortable, and they’re my city walking shoes, my party shoes, my Ole Miss tailgating shoes for the Grove, and I wear them with everything. The perfect pair of cowboy boots will never have to be replaced and can be easily resoled by your local cobbler. $395,



emily gatlin 8

Barbour Lagoon Trilby Hat


Summers in Mississippi are so hot, you start to question how the hell you ended up living here in the first place. I believe everyone should own at least one hat to keep their head cool, and this one has been very good to me, especially during marathon music festivals. $50,





emily gatlin 7


Container Store Dry Spell Floating Pouch


As a Tennessee River rat and Perdido Key beach bum, a floating pouch is essential for keeping my beloved technology safe and dry. This one works really well, and I’ve never had a problem with my iPhone’s touchscreen when I’m searching for my favorite Jimmy Buffett tune, which, by the way, is “Come Monday”.  $18,