This no fuss, globetrotting Swedish model sticks to the bare essentials


“I’m lucky to have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel this beautiful globe!” says Malin Svensson, who is so much more than just a very pretty face. This 27-year-old, down-to-earth natural beauty, who engages in a plant-based diet, is devoted to holistic health, happiness and the wealth of experience traveling affords.


What’s next for this spirited globetrotter? “Next up is Miami and then IbizaI really can’t wait to be back.” Last summer’s plans included LA and Burning Man, of which she tells us: “It is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


She says she travels light — but we’re not sure we believe her. Read on and judge for yourself.



Malin Svensson
Nothing to hide. The contents of Malin’s bag Photo provided by Wonderlust





Favorite carry-on bag


TUMI Tegra Lite Max. When traveling a lot I think it’s important to have a strong and protective carry case.





I actually don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I have a little box that I keep my earrings and my crystals in. Unlike most girls I prefer to travel light, I only really pack what’s necessary. My boyfriend is always the one with an overweight bag, every single time (haha!).



Hair product


I might have a lot of hair — and I mean a lot — but I don’t use any products that are not natural and organic. I’m absolutely obsessed with a Hawaiian oil that I found a couple of years ago called Kukui. It’s cold-pressed and leaves your hair so healthy. I apply it after my shower and coconut oil is also a big favorite of mine! Got to love the coco.



I don’t actually use any lipstick. Like, never. But I don’t go anywhere without my lip balm (organic too, of course). My all-time favorite is Vanilla Chai from Soothing Touch. It’s actually ridiculously good!



Book you’re currently reading


I’m currently reading the last of a three-part series from Medical Medium, it’s called Thyroid Healing. I’m really passionate about holistic health and healing with plants. These books are all about that. I highly recommend it if you are into the human anatomy and healthy eating!








I’m super organized and carry my agenda with me everywhere. No, a phone is not enough. I like to write things down, old school. I like to look back once the year is finished at all the things I did, and gives me a chance to reflect and then look forward to the future!



Face cream


Currently using a face cream I found when I was just in Cape Town. It’s called Esse and it’s definitely one of my all-time favorites! It’s all organic and has a fresh cooling feel of natural herbs. Slightly obsessed.



Makeup bag


I don’t use a lot of makeup, but when I do I wear mascara, eyeshadow and bronze blush. Simple! But when it comes to toiletries I’m professional. I pretty much have everything in there to survive out in the dessert or if I get stranded on a remote island. You never know! Always prepared.





I just have a small cardholder, nothing special. My boyfriend insists on buying me a purse and handbag, but I’ve always been a tomboy at heart and stay true to my roots. As long as I have a backpack to keep my essentials in I’m a happy woman.



Electronic devices


Ok, I might be the only person who doesn’t own a laptop, but I think having a cell phone is enough electronics for me. Back in the day I was a big gamer and obsessed with PC/video games. To be honest I do miss it sometimes!






Beats by Dre, perfect for an active lifestyle and for working out! Plus, they are child-scream-proof, too — we all know that’s a winner!




The classic round Ray-Ban glasses, I love those. They go with everything! My boyfriend has the same and we like to match – he copies me though…



Water bottle


Wherever I go I always carry my water bottle. It’s a glass bottle with silicone for good grip and protection. It passed the test, I’ve dropped it plenty of times. The brand is Bee Blissful.





I actually don’t remember the last time I had candy. I’ve never been big on sweets, but a sucker for chocolate! My favorite chocolate of all time is Ombar, which is a raw chocolate, and another one of my favorites is Booja-Booja, which is vegan. My mouth is literally watering from thinking about it! Please do yourself a favor and try! Game changer! I bet you would never go back to dairy chocolate.





My all-time travel snack is Medjool dates and fruits. When I travel, I think I pack more food than clothes (almost). I will literally pack a backpack with just fruits and greens for a long flight and make sure I drink plenty of coconut water before to stay hydrated.






Full tracksuit from Nike to be super comfy + travel pillow + travel socks! Am I the only one who wears those by the way?! They are not sexy but they do make such a difference for long flights.



Anything first-aid related?


I actually did a first-aid training course last year and they gave me this mouth cloth that you can use if you ever have to perform CPR, so I still have it in my bag. You never know! I always make sure I have activated charcoal with me, that’s a lifesaver in so many ways. It helps to pull toxins from your system and also good if you feel bloated, or if you eat way too much at dinner – this girl has a big appetite!



Anything else you truly can’t travel without?


Hand sanitizer: Yes, I’m one of those germ freaks.


A good book: Always something educational, I love learning!


Blindfold: To help me ignore my hyperactive boyfriend – he has too much energy!


Eye drops: I don’t think I go anywhere without my eye drops.