VRBO and the recently taken public Airbnb, are on the rise in the time of Covid, but how do they really compare to hotels?



Most people say that they would travel the world if they could. But, if you did, would you prefer the DIY short stay rentals or the convenience of hotels? Let’s weight the pros and cons…



Short Stay Rentals


One of the primary benefits of a short stay rental is the privacy that comes with it. For example,  a cabin in the mountains, with or without friends. Or even in the middle of a city. You are on your own and don’t have to endure the inevitable intrusions of a well-meaning but on-the-clock room service staff.


Since most hotels are located in metropolitan regions, you’re often limited to the city to explore when you leave the building. In many short stay rentals there’s a good chance you’ll have access to unique locations. For those who want or require a lot of space when they travel, short stay rentals are probably superior and more reasonably priced.



But what about hotels, where visitors most commonly stay, you ask?


Of course, good hotels provide superb hospitality, have utility for travelers, and the best ones offer glorious escapism and unmatched glamor. For business travelers, hotels are usually the most practical option. Overall, you benefit from different amenities and services hotels provide, and don’t really have to do much but relax and sleep there. And higher-end hotels offer higher-end services. Hotels are fast evolving technologically — we’re way past the free wi-fi stage now — and some offer hotel room comfort control devices which are employing advanced AI to regulate comfort settings, alert the staff to clean a room, or leave people alone, and are energy efficient.


Good hotels typically invest a lot of money in their upkeep, staff and infrastructure, all intended to keep guests happy and coming back. Airbnb and the other part time home rental options, though, can give you some unique residences and locations, and for the person who wants that kind of eclectic experience, that’s the way to go!