Staff Writer Victoria Gilbert hates sharks. So what is she doing swimming with them?

Shark Week is upon us once again — one of the great, annual rites of TV, like the Superbowl and It’s A Wonderful Life. And, thanks to Stormy Daniels, we now know ex-President Trump is an avid watcher, although he doesn’t like sharks. He doesn’t like the free press, or being criticized, or held responsible for his actions more, but sharks are up there!


Victoria, who normally reports from above ground, like from the Thailand’s party island Ko Phangan or Siena, is an avid adventurer. She extreme skis, and dives all over the world. So, you know, law of averages, she was going to wind up with sharks…


“I am drawn to sharks, always have been, but they scare me. So, naturally, I went diving with five reef sharks in the Cayman Islands…” she says. I mean, naturally.