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Lucia Gillot


Who’s who  Lucia Gillot, WONDERLUST European Editor


Current location   London


Place I visit most   Los Angeles


Favorite Destination  Western Australia


Dream Vacation Going to meet the old cave tribes in the deep jungle in Papua New Guinea


My suitcase is always  Ready to go in 30 minutes





Mary Poppins couldn’t get more in her bag…. Photo provided by Wonderlust



I’m a nightmare with a wheelie bag. I leave them at information desks and on trains between airport terminals. I just walk away and forget about the thing until about 20 minutes later, by which time I, or it, can be frighteningly far away. Luckily people are afraid of solitary bags sitting around travel terminals these days, so I’ve managed to retrieve it a number of times, and even from airport security who’ve snatched it in a nano beat. That taken into account, my favorite bag of the moment is this old Longchamp Boxford travel bag I’ve had for years. It’s good for flights, trains, car trips. It has long straps too, so it goes over the shoulder, or cross body if you need two hands. Having to carry it I haven’t managed to lose it yet, and it’s a better workout than a wheelie bag, I tell myself.



Brookstone Nap Pillow  A small marvelous creation, you can squish it into your body, neck, head, between your knees, use your imagination. It gives great support. And it has a soft flannelette type removable washable cover. 


I’ve had it for years (yes I keep things for years) and it’s been to a few places. Brookstone has stopped making them now. So, if you can find a type of pillow with microbead type things I can highly recommend it, and they’re much more versatile than the crazy big wedgie neck braces to haul around. But maybe that’s why they no longer make them, microbeads.



A Few Sarongs  A vacation and life essential. An underrated piece of material, that can be made into a wrap, a dress, a scarf, a beach towel, shade, or a curtain, in case you need one on the fly…. You never know. They also come in many vibrant patterns and colors. I love the hand-batiked Indonesian style.   



Blackberry KEYone With touch screen and keyboard. It’s hands-down better than an iPhone, fewer ads and more intuitive all around. The company has had a few changes and still seems to be evolving but it’s still the best phone for business. A smart smart phone. All the presidents can’t be wrong.



Apple Macbook Pro Only because it’s industry compatible. It’s way overpriced, a light slim design and never ceases to amaze me. Computers generally, never cease to amaze me.



Cle de Peau Eye Balm It’s in a tube, easy to carry around, and feels so good on the eyes especially on long flights. A small amount goes a long way.



A Good Face Cream Not traveling with good face cream can become a stressor in itself. I try to use cruelty-free products that have some degree of science and botanicals about them. Recently I discovered a random system online from Lavie Labs that has Swiss apple stem cells, essential oils, and hyaluronic acid in their face cream and the stuff actually works! It hydrates and lifts and doesn’t leave a gloppy residue. Their face and neck serum contains rosewood, bitter orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass and smells divine. This is my latest thing.


Made in Israel with offices in New York and London.



Evian Mist Spray An essential on flights, or anytime. I always carry a travel size one with me. Really good for hydrating your face during and after long flights. I like Tatcha Skin Mist when I’m on the ground, which has added botanicals and smells divine. Anything from Tatcha is good.





James Perse T-shirts made in Los Angeles are the best. 


They make a variety of 100% cotton, soft loose t-shirts that are always comfortable and age well. Their long sleeve shirts are light to wear and serve as a good cover against mosquitoes, bugs, or the sun. And their yoga pants or leggings are an easy must for a travel bag. 


It’s good to see this rustic Los Angeles company doing so well, branching from clothing into home furnishings and design, now including three luxury private estates in California and Los Cabos Mexico.



Lip Goo – a must. Anywhere. Everywhere. This is the best: Lanolips 101 Ointment. Made by an Australian company from lanolin, that comes from sheep wool. It’s petroleum, parabens and cruelty free and works after flying long haul. It holds 200% of its weight in moisture, apparently. You can use this on your lips or all over.


A basic kit of lip goo, a hard backed notebook, a good pen and sunglasses, I’m just about ready for anything.